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Air Vehicle
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Troop transport
Health 500 (Recruit)
550 (Veteran)
600 (Elite)
800 (GDI Heroic)
750 (Nod Heroic)
Armor type Aerial
Seats 5 (Pilot + 4 Passengers)
Cost $700
2x Gatling Gun
Base Damage12
Kevlar Armorx0.7
Flak Armorx1.3
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx0.17
Light Armorx0.17
Aerial Armorx0.17
Projectile type Bullet rounds
Projectile speed 20000
Range 8000
Rate of fire 0.06
Internal name Rx_Vehicle_Chinook_GDI
Jargon Chin, Chinny, Tranny, Flying Coffin

The Chinook is the main aerial transport vehicle for both the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.


Chinooks are large, bulky helicopters featuring two tri-rotors as their main engine and armed with two passenger machine guns on its sides. GDI Chinooks are gold-colored, while Nod Chinooks are gray-colored.


The Chinook is mainly used for transport, akin to an APC, carrying up to four more players besides the driver. It possesses light armor and less health, but compensates such with the ability to fly and two guns instead of one.

Note that the driver will only be able to pilot the Chinook; the player on the second seat will man the left gun, and the player on the third seat will man the right gun. Players may switch between seats if the seat is vacant by pressing number key from 1 (driver cockpit), 2(left gun), 3 (right gun), 4, and to 5.



The Chinook is usually used to ferry people towards high areas, such as the plateau on Walls or across chasms, such as the one in Lakeside. They are also employed to rush the enemy base.

Note that a Chinook cannot sustain much punishment as an APC, and its average speed will not assist in avoiding gunfire; in addition, its loud rotors will most likely alert the enemy presence of it, who will surely take defensive measures. It might help for Chinooks in the enemy base to fly low, behind buildings to avoid being spotted instantly, as opponents will most likely glance towards the sky at hearing the rotors.

Having Orca/Apache escort will greatly increase the chances for the Chinook to reach its destination.

A Chinook can also be used as a distraction for ground forces, since enemy focusing on it will only see the skies above, therefore being more susceptible to being run over by ground vehicles or gunned down by infantry.

Another strategy that involves Chinooks is the para-drop, where advanced infantry will evacuate the Chinook while is still above in the sky, open up their chutes and focus fire on buildings; they will be harder to hit since they are in air in a falling motion. Gunner is a common option for this tactic.

Laslty, a Chinook, oddly, can also be used as a stationary defense, by landing on top of a building and having players man its gatling guns. Note that the line of sight from the gun is quite limited, since the gun is not able to move in 360 degrees of direction.


A Chinook with pilot only will not pose much of a threat, since it can only try to ram over you. But if the Chinook has passengers manning the guns, infantries might run into trouble. Still, the guns have no Area of Effect/splash damage, so try to find some cover in a place they cannot drive to avoid incoming fire. Going under or behind the Chinook will work as well, because of its guns' limited range.

There is plenty of counters against Chinooks. Because of their light armor, all automatic rifles and cannons (like the ones of a Humvee, APC or a Patch - or even a regular Soldier) deal considerable damage to them. All units with locking-on rockets (Mobile Rocket Launcher System, Mammoth Tank, Orca, Rocket Soldier) work good, too. Sydney/Raveshaw and Havoc/Sakura can also take potshots at them from afar.

To counter an Chinook rush, the golden rule is to be prepared to face it: try to spot the Chinook and message back to your team, telling them to be ready; have at least one or two players protect each building. Keep a close eye on the rushing Chinooks, they will usually target your rear buildings, while shooting and flying above at another building to distract your team. Consider having some Orcas/Apaches for taking down incoming Chinooks, and focus bringing down the transport chopper before dealing with its escort.


  • The Chinook is also known as "Tranny" or "Flying Coffin".

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