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Introduction of the Commander

The commander role was introduced in Patch 5.3.

This introduced a new dynamic to the game to help with organising, an offensive and/or defensive actions for the team.

While a commander is force, he's a very important role, together with his team, denial of "feeding" team. -Your harvester dying after death and death, giving the enemy VP (Veterancy Points), putting them ahead from your team.

But also, change the outcomes from an aggressor or defender: Spotting the enemy team, denying vision, disabling their vehicles, blowing them up, giving you a Damage Buff or Damage Resistance Buff (or even both).

Those "stalemates" in C&C: Renegade or even in Renegade X, don't usually happen anymore, or that frequently, due to having a commander.

Also as a commander, you can clear mines, that are miss-placed, over-mined, from your base structures or anything outside of them.

The commander is a role that is granted to a player by vote.

Role of the Commander

The commander is given a level of control over the team's Harvester and Player Placed defenses (they can remove Proximity C4 placed by their team).

(This is normally limited to the player who placed it, or the enemy disarming it)

The commander also has the ability to place way-points on their teammates field of view, with notifications such as "Gather Here" or "Attack Here"

They also have the ability to mark enemies to focus on for their entire team (Making Q-spotting more efficient by highlighting enemies on the team's Radar and on-screen in the player's FOV, rather than just Radar)

Commander Menu

Commander Menu, allows to access the exclusive options for the commander role. By pressing <Left Control + C> (without the <>).

You will be prompted with a list of 5 options.

  1. Manage Waypoints
  2. Remove Mines
  3. Support Powers
  4. Harvester Options
  5. Commander Help

Manage Waypoints

The commander's waypoints, are just a visual cue, to show your team, example, "Meet here" (pointing at an entrance), "Attack" while on assault and you want your team, to visually see which structure you're aiming or in mind of destroying, so you and your team, focus fire it.

You will be prompted with a list of 7 options.

  1. Meet Here
  4. Hold Position
  5. Take the Area
  6. Plant Beacon Here
  7. Focus Fire

Note: That this visual cues, are only visible to your team, and it doesn't do anything else, but deploying a marker into the game.

Remove Mines

[WIP Intro-text]

You will be prompted with a list of 6 options.

  1. Remove (WIP Building) Mines
  2. Remove Refinery Mines
  3. Remove Barracks/Hand of Nod Mines
  4. Remove Weapons Factory/Airstrip Mines
  5. Remove (WIP Building) Mines
  6. Remove ALL OTHER Mines

Note: That being a commander, doesn't give you the "de-mine" other people's mines (using the Repair Tool/Advanced Repair Tool/Repair Pistol). If you want to correct one mine, and the person in question doesn't cooperate, you will have to remove all the mines of the building. Anything that's not inside of any named structures previously, are part of the Remove ALL OTHER Mines, All of them, will be removed.

Support Powers

[WIP Intro-text]

You will be prompted with a list of 6 options.

  1. Radar Scan/Spy Plane
  2. Smoke Screen
  3. EMP Strike
  4. Cruise Missile
  5. Defensive Initiative/Unity Through Peace
  6. Offensive Initiative/Unity Through Power

Harvester Options

[WIP Intro Text]

You will be prompted with a list of 4 options.

  1. Stop/Start
  2. Set Harvester Waypoint
  3. Remove Harvester Waypoint
  4. Toggle To Self-Destruct

Note: For you to be able to Stop the harvester, you've to place a waypoint, Set Harvester Waypoint, then after having that waypoint, you may stop the harvester, and it will move or attempt to, move to your waypoint. Same button of the stop/start to make it go back on his normal life. Toggle To Self-Destruct can be used when it gets stucked or you want to deny VP (Veterancy Points, as explained above on the "Feeding").

Commander Help

Commander Abilities

The commander is given several unique abilities to assist their team

The use of these powers are limited by their cost in CP (Commander Points).

CP is gained naturally over time, however there are a few methods to increase the amount of CP the team gains.

  1. Losing a building: This causes the natural over time gain of CP to be increased
  2. Killing a Q-Spotted Vehicle or Infantry (Commander Q-Spotted only)

The cost of the power being used is subtracted from the current team total.

GDI's Support Powers

  1. Radar Scan [100 CP]
  2. Smoke Screen [200 CP]
  3. EMP Strike [500 CP]
  4. Cruise Missile [800 CP]
  5. Defensive Initiative [1'200 CP]
  6. Offensive Initiative [1'400 CP]

Nods's Support Powers

  1. Spy Plane [150 CP]
  2. Smoke Screen [200 CP]
  3. EMP Strike [500 CP]
  4. Cruise Missile [800 CP]
  5. Unity Through Power [1'200 CP]
  6. Peace Through Power [1'400 CP]



The only difference, without being the names, is between the GDI's Radar Scan vs Nod's Spy plane. -GDI- Will instantly-on-the-spot around the area where has been called, can spot units through obstacles (Roofs, Tunnels, Buildings, anything that would block line of sigh from the top), also it's unstoppable but as a con, it doesn't give you any CP back, for a well placed one, only from the CP Assist that you get from your team.

-Nod- Meanwhile on Nod's side, they have a plane, that isn't instantly that sadly can be shutdown, doesn't see though obstacles, but give you some CP back if is a well placed one.

Other Responsibilities