Open Beta 5

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Open Beta 5
Rx TiberianSun.png
Developer Totem Arts
Game Renegade X
Release date July 7, 2015
Previous patch Patch 4.02
Next patch Patch 5.002

Open Beta 5 is the fifth and final beta released for Renegade X on July 7, 2015, before the game's full release.



  • Pressing hotkey '7' will now be able to purchase smoke grenade.
  • Moved third person MRLS cam up a bit for a better overview.
  • Reworked crate logic. All Crate types are now separate classes, derived from "Rx_CrateType" This allows for us to easily add additional crate types in the future.
  • Recreated all pre-existing crate behaviour in the new layout.
  • Added Tiberian Sun units (Wolverine, Titan, Hover MRLS, Tick Tank, Recon Bike, and Buggy) via crates.
  • Added Suicide, Nuke(new), SpeedUpgrade, Timebomb, alien abduction, and Tiberian Sun prototype Units crate types.
  • Adjusted crate probabilities and set suicide to 0.
  • Added Speed upgrade multiplier to pawn, for the crate. This is multiplied by the final ground speed after it has been calculated. Also modified the character animation so that run/walk/sprint animations are blended based on the actual speed values of the pawn, and don't have to by kept in sync manually.
  • Some modifications to the beacon class to have it handle low countdown times properly (used for nuke crate).
  • Added special nuke beacon for nuke crate with a 3 second countdown.
  • Removed "DeadVehicleLifeSpan" so that defences don't leave behind invisible collision when the they are destroyed.
  • GFxHud can show health when viewing a demo.
  • Fixed a bug in the missile launcher tracking code that could cause CPU spikes.
  • Speed Trees are now set to True on every graphics preset so that they are visible in-game.


  • Fixed default editor settings to not crash on startup.
  • Fixed game asset database settings in DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini to be set to offline mode, as we're not using an asset database server. Updating the databse will no longer crash the editor!
  • Added a config sample to add custom maps. the custom maps will be shown in main menu once added the corresponding .ini file. in this sample, it will show the CNC-TestMap_MP map in frontend. However, map rotation with the custom map is still not yet implemented. will work on it soon.
  • Added the weapons factory max file as an example asset
  • Added wolverine's max file as an example asset
  • Created base "Rx_Pickup.uc" class, to be used for common functionality for various renegade-x pickup items.
  • Created 3 sizes of health pickups, 3 sizes of armour pickups, and an ammo pickup. Intended to be used for deathmatch maps.
  • Updated foliage, and some items in RX_Nature.upk to use lower res lightmaps by default.
  • Added an example mutator script package. Can use this to test our mutator functionality, and distribute as an example to the community.
  • Added Rx_CapturableMCT as a sort of capturable MCT. Kismet can then be used to get its team number and do/restrict stuff based on it
  • Fix to the GetCredits Kismet node
  • Added Rx_ObjectTooltipInterface - adds tooltips to objects.
  • Reworked the MCT to use Rx_ObjectTooltipInterface.
  • Reworked the Purchase Terminal to use Rx_ObjectTooltipInterface.
  • Added bAccessable to Rx_BuildingAttachment_PT.
  • Custom purchase terminals with custom text should be easier with the above
  • BuildingInternalsClass not a const anymore so that it can be changed with mutators
  • Tesla Tank, HoverMRLS, Titan, Wolverine Tick Tank, Recon Bike and Buggy now have vehicle factory classes for mappers to spawn them in their maps
  • Weapon/Vehicle/Death/Radar Blip icons are no longer drawn from flash file. They are now loaded and draw the image from the weapon/vehicle packages itself as a dynamic texture.
  • Added deployable vehicle class which is copied over from UT3's deployable vehicle (press Jump to deploy)


  • Player acceleration is back to how it was in Open Beta 3 for more snappy movement speeds.
  • Infantry splash weapons do self damage.
  • AirdropCooldownTime is now a configurable setting in the ini file.
  • Ref gives 50% less credits when dead.
  • Silo gives 0.5 credits per sec.
  • Increased the time between queued airdrops by about 20 seconds.
  • Increased infantry costs when Barracks/Hand of Nod are destroyed to be twice as much as the normal cost.
  • Increased vehicle airdrop costs to be twice as much as the normal cost.
  • Spies no longer show player names to enemies.


  • Reduced base damage.
  • Reduced headshot damage multiplier.
  • Chainguns are back to projectiles but the projectiles are thicker streams using volumetric projectiles.


  • ADS spread reduction reduced to be more inline with default spread.
  • Base spread reduced slightly.
  • Rate of fire decreased from 1 shot ever 1.1s to 1 shot every 1.5s.
  • Range reduced from 1500 to 800 units.

Machine Pistol:

  • Increased base spread.
  • Reduced Max spread.
  • Reduced rate of fire.
  • Reduced magazine size down to 30.

Missile Launcher:

  • Locking time increased from 0.5 second to 1.0 second.
  • Locked on time limit reduced from 3.0 seconds to 0.5 second.
  • Locking on infantry should be nearly impossible.
  • Locking on range reduced from near infinity to range of autorifle.
  • Damage to heavy armour reduced from 75hp to 65hp.
  • Damage to light armour reduced from 90hp to 75hp.

Rocket Launcher:

  • Infantry damage reduced from 90 to 60.
  • Damage radius reduced from 300 to 125.
  • Heavy Armour damage increased from 40 to 45.
  • Building damage increased from 65 to 74.
  • Headshot multiplier increased from 2x to 5x.

Ramjet Rifle:

  • Heavy Armour damage reduced from 15hp to 10hp.

Flak Cannon:

  • Alt fire projectile speed reduced.
  • Rate of fire reduced slightly.
  • Flak secondary consumes two ammo.

Grenade Launcher:

  • Grenade projectile speed reduced.
  • Splash damage radius reduced.

Proximity C4:

  • Texture made slightly brighter.
  • Deployed mines now have a orange glowing light to make it easier to see when there is no lighting to make them visible.

Purchase Menu:

  • Heavy pistol price increased from $75 to $100.
  • Carbine price increased from $125 to $250.
  • Tiberium Flechette Rifle price increased from $225 to $400.
  • Tiberium Auto Rifle price increased from $250 to $400.
  • EMP grenade details now say Disarm Mines.
  • Smoke grenade details now say Disable Target Info.

Stealth Tank:

  • Stealth Tank has next to no spread on its rockets.


  • Added "PLAYER" RCON log event "ChangeID;" to report when a reconnecting player's PlayerID changes in FindInactivePRI().
  • Added missing check to disarm commands.
  • Added "ChangeName" RCON command (doesn't seem to work particularly great for users using Steam though).
  • Non-single-byte Unicode characters and backslashes (\) are now escape-sequenced in RCON output (\uXXXX).
  • Added Kick reasons.
  • Added "ForceKick" RCON command to kick administrators and provide fully-specifiable kick messages.
  • Added "Reason" field to "Kick" and "KickBan" RCON commands.
  • Added RCON "CHAT" logs "Radio;" and "HostSay;".
  • "HostSay" RCON command now calls Broadcast() instead of BroadcastText().
  • Added "serverinfo" RCON command.
  • Added Rx_Rcon_Out, which will connect to a bot and dump RCON logs to a file for future statistic parsing.
  • Added "Start;" RCON "MAP" log.
  • Expanded "ServerInfo" RCON command to accept parameter inputs.
  • Added "GameInfo" RCON command (similar to "ServerInfo" RCON command; different default outputs).
  • Added "BuildingInfo" RCON command.
  • Added missing SpawnCommand() for "GameInfo" RCON command.



  • Lowered sniper vantages points to make them more vulnerable.
  • Blocked off GDI Refinery silo path so that nod infantry cannot sneak into the GDI refinery.


  • Fixed hole in the bridge.
  • Fixed Nod harvester bug when it crashes into the turret.


  • Fixed collision on a rock behind the GDI ref (could get out the map).
  • Fixed b2b artillery could hit the WF though the small hole.
  • Added a hole in the Nod wall (like GDI has) for better access to the silo.
  • Fixed a bug with the nod harvester path.


  • Fixed silo wall collision
  • Made it so snipers cant climb the big rock on GDI side.
  • Fixed a spot were you could get stuck (GDI AGT tunnel tank cross moved).
  • Fixed snow particles not behaving like they should.


  • Adjusted lightmap res on lakeside. Reduced to ~150mb from ~220mb.
  • Added blocking volumes to the cliffs to stop people sniping on them.
  • Fixed a collision issue (replaced a complex blocking volume with 2 separate volumes).


  • Made a copy the splatter texture to RX_Deco_Roads (was refracted to a UT package) and re-refracted the texture in the mat.


  • Fixed Nod side ramp (was a hole).


  • Updated CNC-Deck.udk, removed UT3 powerups and replaced with Renx powerups and crates. Also updated post-processing settings to be more inline with the rest of the game, and added some Tiberium to the goo pools.

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