Purchase Terminal

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Purchase Terminal
A PT from GDI Barracks

The Purchase Terminal, or PT, is in every building. Purchase Terminals are essential to the diversity of gameplay. Besides crates, using a Purchase Terminal is the only way to acquire infantry and vehicles.


The Purchase Terminal is a large rectangular screen with keyboards and recognition pad. The screen depends on the building and whether or not the building is destroyed, as well as the faction it belongs to (gold for GDI, red for Nod)

Purchase Terminals are found on every base's buildings. Several custom maps have additional Purchase Terminals outside.


Purchase Terminal is used to buy classes, vehicles, and to refill your supplies. You can only access your own team's Terminals. When first interacting with a Purchase Terminal, you will be shown a variety of free cost classes and other buttons:


This refills your health and armor as well as your ammo. It does not refill Airstrikes or Ion Cannon/ Nuclear Strike Beacons.


This is the list of additional equipment you can carry. As for now, it only consists of

The type of equipment differ between factions, but their mechanics are the same.


This is the list of advanced classes that you can only buy via money. There are 10 classes that differs between factions. When the Infantry Production Building is destroyed, you can only access the first three from the top. You will be shown the details of each classes, including the loadout and the armor type.


This is the list of vehicles that you can buy, differing between factions. There's an indicator that will tell whether it's available or is in Airdrop mode, which is tied on whether the Vehicle Production Building is destroyed or not. When in airdrop mode cooldown, this button will be grayed out. Only the first two vehicles are available in Airdrop mode. Each vehicles have their armaments and armor displayed.