Repair Tool

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Repair Tool
RenX WeaponIcon Repair Tool.png
Cost $200
Type Purchasable item
Damage type Repair Beam
Projectile speed 40000
Range 500
Rate of fire 0.3
Magazine Infinite
Reserve 350
Internal name Rx_Weapon_RepairTool

Repair Tools are weaker versions of Repair Guns, having less range, less repairing speed, and the necessity to recharge. The main advantage of Repair Tools is that any infantry is able to carry and use them.


The Repair Tool is a smaller Repair Gun, featuring a smaller dish on the front where the beam is created, and it is connected to only one cylindrical container on the back via tubes.


The Repair Tool fires a blue beam that rearranges molecular structure, allowing it to repair both infantry and vehicles/buildings. Its beam also safely disarms Timed C4/Remote C4/Proximity C4 and Superweapon Beacons, and captures Tech Buildings' Master Control Terminals.

The Repair Tool will also restore the health of allied Timed C4/Remote C4/Proximity C4 and Superweapon Beacons. The alternate fire of the Repair Tool allows the player to repair their own Proximity C4, since the primary fire would disarm them.

The Repair Tool heals/disarms 1 points of health per second. Since it has 350 rounds, it can only heal/disarm 350 points before it needs to recharge.


The Repair Tool is one of the three equipment purchasable in the Purchase Terminal from the item menu, yet they are considered a weapon. It has 350 cells before needing recharging; such amount is just enough to take over a full and a half bar of the Master Control Terminal of a Silo, and no more. The tool will slowly recharge itself when it is not employed.

Repair Tools can be used to help repairing Vehicles and Buildings, disarming Superweapon Beacons, and disarm Timed C4s in general, but they are meant to be a temporary substitute when waiting for the Engineers and Advanced Engineers to arrive.

It is mostly used to heal other infantries and disarm Proximity C4 in the enemy base, since the infantry carrying the Repair Tool can quickly swap back to their primary weapon and retaliate better than Engineers if they are being attacked.

Stealth Black Hands are known to carry Repair Tools in order to disarm the Proximity C4 protecting the enemy buildings, taking advantage of their stealth abilities; they will be visible only when they are using the tool; two or three Stealth Black Hands infiltrating with Repair Tools can essentially do the same job as an Advanced Engineer does in sabotaging a building.

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