Timed C4

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Timed C4
RenX WeaponIcon Timed C4.png
Carried by Everyone
Type Thrown C4 explosive
Duration 0:30
Health 40
Base Damage400
Kevlar Armorx1
Flak Armorx0.5
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx1
Light Armorx1
Aerial Armorx1.25
Damage type Explosive
Magazine 1 (2 for Advanced Engineers)
Internal name Rx_Weapon_TimedC4

Timed C4 is the most powerful explosive in Renegade X. All Infantry possesses at least 1 of those, allowing them to seriously damage a building should they manage to safely place it on the Master Control Terminal and guard it until detonation. It requires no activation after deployment, instead it starts a countdown of 30 seconds. Upon hitting 0, it detonates, doing heavy damage to the object it was placed on and its surroundings. It can be placed on ground to blow up any enemy unlucky enough to be in the vicinity.

Any kind of C4 can be defused by Repair Tools, Repair Guns, and Advanced Repair Guns.


Timed C4 is a small explosive with a screen showing the status of the C4 and a spinning safe handle to set up the C4's duration.


Timed C4s are mainly used to damage buildings, causing 17 points damage when placed on Buildings exteriors, thus needing 12 timed C4s to destroy it, and 66 point on Master Control Terminals, therefore requiring 3 timed C4s to destroy it. Note that Advanced Engineers are the only infantry able to bring down buildings by themselves by only employing C4, since they carry 2 Timed C4 and 2 Remote C4 which equal approximately to one Timed C4 in terms of damage.

They can be also successfully used for sabotaging enemy Vehicles, as one timed C4 will deal 400 health points of damage upon detonation, killing without fail all vehicles with light armor and heavily damaging remaining ones. New players might also get out of the tagged vehicle in places where they are not covered by friendly units, creating an opportunity to steal this vehicle.

Lastly, Timed C4 can be used to defend a choke point or a building, simply by littering them all over the floor. If the timing is correct, a whole infantry rush may be stopped by Timed C4 explosions. Continuously purchasing free infantry will replenish Timed C4 faster than refills. Exercise caution, or you may get blown up by your own Timed C4.


  • It is impossible to throw a Timed C4 on oneself, since it bounces away from the player.
  • Throwing Timed C4 on a vehicle to approach and inflict it's damage upon enemy, akin to flaming Remote C4, may be allowed, since the driver only has 30 seconds to reach a target. Always consult the server rules first.
  • Throwing either Timed C4 or Remote C4 on an allied player will make their nickname to disappear and unable to employ Purchase Terminals.
    • As mentioned above, an allied player could be tagged with plenty of Timed C4s and run towards the enemy, albeit this requires a great degree of timing and reflexes, due to its 30 seconds timer, and if the "bomber" is gunned down, the Timed C4 will disappear. Always consult the server rules first if such is allowed.
    • It is possible for the "bomber" to "explode" upon the Master Control Terminal and bring it down without giving a chance for the opponent team to disarm the C4; however such requires great amount of coordination and timing to ensure that the "bomber" will reach the MCT in time and not be killed along the way. This is usually frowned upon but it may or may be allowed depending on the server ruling.
  • Some players, in good humor, tag timed C4s on unwary enemy snipers engrossed in scoping for enemies, as it may be entertaining to see a sniper running from ruthlessly ticking timer.
  • Players tagged by opponent Timed C4 can seek protection in allied vehicles, as the C4 will damage the vehicle instead of the player.

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