Master Control Terminal

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Master Control Terminal
MCT from GDI Barracks
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Core of buildings

The Master Control Terminal, or MCT, is in most of the Main Buildings. Master Control Terminals are essentially the heart of every building. Healing and damage inflicted to the MCT are multiplied by a specific factor depending on the weapon striking it.


The Master Control Terminal is a set of computers consisting 3 screens and a keyboard The screens depend on the building and whether or not the building is destroyed, as well as the faction it belongs to (gold for GDI, red for Nod, green for neutral)

Master Control Terminals are found in every base's main buildings as well as Tech Buildings.


The Master Control Terminals are used as defensive and offensive focal points. When repairing a building with a Repair Gun, Advanced Repair Gun or Repair Tool it is best to repair the MCT, as it is more effective. Same applies when damaging a building, it is best to hit the MCT if possible as it will take extra damage.

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