Repair Gun

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Repair Gun
RenX WeaponIcon Repair Gun.png
Carried by Global Defense InitiativeBrotherhood of Nod Engineer
Type Primary weapon
Damage -30
Damage type Repair Beam
Projectile speed 40000
Range 600
Rate of fire 0.3
Magazine Infinite
Reserve Infinite
Internal name Rx_Weapon_RepairTool

The Gizmo Repair Gun is the primary weapon for both Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod's Engineers.


The Repair Gun appears as an contraption featuring a dish on the front where the beam is created, and it is connected to two cylindrical containers on the back via tubes. In the back, it has a message warning about possible laser radiations when using the weapon.


The Repair Gun fires a blue beam that rearranges molecular structure, allowing it to repair both infantry and vehicles/buildings. Its beam also safely disarms enemy Timed C4/Remote C4/Proximity C4 and Superweapon Beacons, and captures Tech Buildings' Master Control Terminals. This weapon is essential to keep the buildings and allied vehicles standing up, infiltrate into enemy bases protected by mines, and defuse enemy beacons.

The Repair Gun will also restore the health of allied Timed C4/Remote C4/Proximity C4 and Superweapon Beacons. The alternate fire of the Repair Gun allows the player to repair their own Proximity C4, since the primary fire would disarm them.

The Repair Gun heals/disarms 30 points of health per second.

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