Remote C4

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Remote C4
RenX WeaponIcon Remote C4.png
Carried by Global Defense InitiativeBrotherhood of Nod Engineer
Global Defense Initiative Hotwire
Brotherhood of Nod Technician
Type Thrown C4 explosive
Health 40
Damage type Explosive
Magazine 2
Internal name Rx_Weapon_RemoteC4

Remote C4 is an explosive which it is activated remotely. It is weaker than Timed C4, and can only be activate after about 2 seconds have passed. Remote C4 will stick on objects/structures/terrain until detonation or the player's death, making it a very versatile tool; however there's a limit of 4 Remote C4 a single player can deploy; after exceeding that limit, the oldest Remote C4 will be replaced by the newest one.

Players can fire upon enemy placed Remote C4. Once its health bar reaches zero, it will explode, damaging enemies and allies, but not the player who originally detonated it by destroying it.


Remote C4 is a square-looking explosive connected with a trigger with an antenna on top of it that shows the status of the C4. Its remote is a big handle with an antenna that is used to activate all the explosives, no matter where they are located.

Damage table

Base Damage Headshot Multiplier Kevlar Armor Multiplier Flak Armor Multiplier Lazarus Armor Multiplier Heavy Armor Multiplier Light Armor Multiplier Aerial Armor Multiplier Building Multiplier MCT Multiplier
200 N/A x0.8 x0.5 x1 x1 x1 x1.25 x1 x4.1

Full damage will be inflicted only if the C4 is attached or point blank to a target. Higher veterancy ranks will increase the base damage by a specified multiplier.


Remote C4 are primarily used to bring down buildings: 5 Remote C4 are required to destroy the Master Control Terminal of a building. Note that Advanced Engineers are the only infantry able to bring down buildings by themselves by only employing C4, since they carry 2 Remote C4 and 2 Timed C4; each Timed C4 equals approximately to 2 Remote C4 in terms of damage.

When facing a stronger infantry class, a player in possession of Remote C4 can throw them on the ground while making their way back to the safety of the base. Given that pursuer is a close or medium ranged infantry, they will either have to walk around the Remote or take chances of the player activating the explosive when they are in range of the explosive. No infantry can survive 2 Remotes impact.

Remote C4 may also be used to ambush the enemy, by placing the explosives in cunning spots of the areas that the enemy is likely to run through and detonate them from hiding upon spotting an enemy. Four Remote C4 can be placed on a choke point or doorway of buildings to counter early rushes.

Remote C4 can be used against vehicles, while it works best if the driver has not spotted the player, a player with Remote C4 may trick a retreating vehicle that it is not paying attention to the mini map to get stuck on a wall in order for the player to catch up on it and tag it with the C4.

Remote C4 are also usually employed to guard vehicles against stealing by enemy infantry- since every player can deploy 4 Remote C4 at the same time, and each of these deal 200 point of damage, they can be used to rig the player's own vehicles and be blown up should the opposing team member happen to steal the vehicle. Such makes it more viable to conduct repairs outside from the base, albeit a stolen vehicle will still be a win-loss situation for the vehicle hijacker, since the original driver has lost the credits spent for the vehicle.

Lastly, Remote C4 may be used against other infantries: they can be thrown and blown up near the opponent's feet to deal damage, but sticking the Remote C4 onto the enemy player will yield the best results; detonating a Remote C4 attached on an opponent player will heavily damage them, detonating two Remote C4 that are attached on the same player will instantly kill them.


Flaming Humee used to heavily damage a Turret
  • It is impossible to throw a Remote C4 on oneself, since it bounces away from the player.
    • An offensive tactic, called Flaming C4 takes advantage of the high damage of Remote C4 that inflicts on Vehicles. The tactic consists of 4 Remote C4 placed on Buggies/Humvees (mostly used for their affordability and speed) front bumper, then driving into enemy vehicles, leaving the vehicle, and detonating them before they have a chance to react. When executed perfectly, this tactic deals 800 points of damage, being able to take down all vehicles up to a Medium Tank. This tactic may be prohibited depending on the server ruling.
  • Throwing either Remote C4 or Timed C4 on an allied player will make their nickname to disappear and unable to employ Purchase Terminals.
    • As mentioned above, an allied player could be tagged with plenty of Remote C4s and run towards the enemy, while telling their allies when to trigger the C4. Such tactic this requires a great degree of reflexes: if the "bomber" is gunned down, the Remote C4 will disappear. Always consult the server rules first if such is allowed.
    • It is possible for the "bomber" to be "detonated" upon the Master Control Terminal and bring it down without giving a chance for the opponent team to disarm the C4 or retaliate; however such requires great amount of coordination and timing to ensure that the "bomber" will reach the MCT and not be killed along the way. This is usually frowned upon but it may or may be allowed depending on the server ruling.
      • However, the advent of Patch 5.283 made Remote C4 stick on vehicles and infantry able to be detonated by enemy gunfire, making such tactics harder to accomplish, especially for flaming infantries; usually, their only chance to succeed is by not being spotted. On the contrary, the "flaming" vehicles aforementioned can take advantage of their high speeds and hope to reach their target before the enemy gets a chance to hit and detonate the Remote C4. It is also viable, but much harder to pull off, to stick the C4 on the rear, and perform a full turnaround once in close proximity with the target in order to detonate the rear bump of the vehicle onto the target.

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