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Veterancy, a major feature that was introduced in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun in the RTS series, is also featured in Renegade X.


Every player begins from the rank of Recruit, and they gain veterancy points by going offensive, gunning the enemy or supportive, assisting with repairs. When a player has gained enough veteran points, they will be promoted to the next rank. Higher ranks yield several bonuses for the player, notably an increase in their armor value, damage output, rate of fire, movement speed, clip and magazine size, and, to a lesser extent, Repair Gun repair output. A slow health/armor self-regeneration, 1 point per second, will be applied to the player when they reach Elite rank, and it will upgrade to 3 points per second when they reach Heroic rank.

In lieu of Command and Conquer: Generals and the other games following that, the classic three ranks, Veteran, Elite, Heroic, are featured in Renegade X. Like in the RTS versions, a Heroic player is a truly terrifying force to be reckoned with. However, unlike the RTS version, a player will keep their veterancy status should they be killed; therefore, achieving Heroic rank is no easy feat and will require lots of work and time from the player. The player's veterancy rank applies only for the current match; should a new match begin, all the players will start back from start, Recruit rank.

Vehicles will also be subject to veterancy ranks: they take the rank of the player who is currently driving it or, if vacant, the rank of the last player that drove it. Their rank bonuses are the same as the infantry ones. Purchased Vehicles take the current rank of whomever brought the vehicle. The rank will change if another player ends up driving the Vehicle instead of the original buyer.

Generally, players earn more points by being offensive and fighting in the field compared to being supportive and repairing allies.

Gaining veterancy

  • Defeating enemy infantries and vehicles will award a certain amount of veterancy points, depending on several factor such as:
    • Defeating higher ranks will award more points; defeating lower ranks will award less points;
    • Defeating enemies inside or near their base will award more points; defeating them near the player's base will award less points;
    • Defeating enemy Snipers or Advanced Snipers will award slightly more points compared to other infantries classes;
    • Vehicles yield more points than infantry when destroyed.
  • For roughly 20 armor/health points of damage that a player deals to a building, they will be awarded 4 veterancy points;
    • Similarly, for roughly 20 armor/health points of damage that a player repairs, they will be awarded 1 veterancy point;
    • Repairing vehicles and healing infantries will award 2 veterancy points;
  • Destroying the opponent Harvester will award 6 points plus 8 veterancy points to the whole team.
  • Destroying the armor of a building will award 15 veterancy points to the whole team. There will be a cooldown before a team can earn another 15 veterancy points if the armor of the same building is destroyed again.
  • Destroying the first building of the match will award 20 veterancy points to the team who destroyed it; subsequent destroyed buildings will have a bonus increment of 10 points applied to the original value. (I.e. second destroyed building awards 30 veterancy points to the whole team, third awards 40 points, forth awards 50 points, fifth awards 60 points, and so on) The bonus increment is accounted for each single building destroyed, no matter which faction.
  • Destroying a Guard Tower/Turret will award 10 veterancy points to the whole team;
  • Destroying an Anti-Air Tower/SAM Site will award 10 veterancy points to the whole team;
  • Destroying a manually operated emplacement will award an amount of veterancy points akin to vehicles to the whole team (A recruit destroying a recruit rank Emplacement will gain 4 veterancy points for the whole team);
  • Defusing C4, be it Timed C4, Remote C4, Proximity C4 will award 1 veterancy point for each C4;
  • Hitting a Vehicle with the blast of an EMP Grenade will award 2 veterancy points;
  • Placing a Superweapon Beacon near an enemy building will award 2 veterancy points;
  • Defusing a Superweapon Beacon will award 5 veterancy points;
  • Capturing a Tech Building will award 5 veterancy points;
  • Stealing a vehicle will award 10 veterancy points. There will be a cooldown before a player can earn more veterancy points if the same stolen vehicle is re-stolen (taken back to its original faction) again.
  • Mystery Crates have a chance to award 20 veterancy points to the player who grabs them.

Players who assisted their allies in damaging an enemy infantry/vehicle will be awarded a smaller amount of veterancy points when that specific infantry/vehicle is defeated.

Players that join a match already in progress will receive some veterancy points depending on the current duration of the ongoing match. The highest rank that a joining player can be awarded is Elite.

Veterancy ranks

Rank VP required
RenX-Recruit.png Recruit 0
RenX-Veteran.png Veteran 100
RenX-Elite.png Elite 300
RenX-Heroic.png Heroic 650

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