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Armor in Renegade X reduces the damage from incoming hits and adds a layer of protection for the main buildings and infantry as well. Every infantry and vehicle have some type of armor, albeit the latter category will not possess a visible armor bar value. Regarding buildings, only those with Master Control Terminals and insides possess armor values.

Infantry armor bars are white, and the basic infantries start with 100, while the most advanced ones can have 250 points of armor.

Generally, every attack that struck the player will damage their armor value first, before lowering their health bars. Two exceptions to this are:

  • Falling damage, which will bypass any armor and damage directly the health values, magnitude depending from the height of the fall. Note that after a long fall, players can press spacebar to deploy a parachute which will enable them to land safely, only if the chute had enough time to stop the player's inertia from the fall.
  • Tiberium poisoning, occurring when getting too close to Tiberium. Tiberium contamination will reduce health over time and armor cannot prevent it. The infantry armor types resistant to Tiberium contamination are the specialised chemical suits of the Chemical Trooper, the Prototype Mobius Suit of Armoured Sydney, and any Tiberium mutants, such as Mutant Raveshaw.

Vehicles lack of a visible armor bar, yet they are divided in three armor categories, Light, Aerial, and Heavy; each of them dictate specifically how much damage weapons inflict to vehicles.

Building armor bars are cerulean, and they all have 100 armor points. Note that when the armor is down, the building's health will be exposed, and any more damage inflicted to it will be permanent, since repair guns will not restore buildings' health values.

Types of Armor



This bulletproof armor will reduce damage by mostly 30% from any bullet-type weapons, such as basic tier infantry weaponry and the guns of Humvees, Buggies, APCs, Chinooks, Orcas, and Wolverines, but any explosive-type weapons will deal mostly 20% more damage to Kevlar armor; thereby Kevlar is suited for engaging other infantry. Note that sniper rifles and ramjets uses armor piercing bullets that will bypass the damage resistance bonus provided by Kevlar armor.

Soldier, Shotgunner, Marksman, Officer, McFarland, Deadeye, Black Hand Sniper, Patch, Mobius, and Mendoza wear Kevlar armor.


This durable armor will reduce damage by mostly 50% from any explosive weapons, such as rockets, flak and auto cannons, tank cannons, and C4 explosions, but any bullet-type weapons will deal mostly 30% more damage to flak armor; thereby, flak is suited for engaging vehicles and surviving to Proximity C4.

Engineer, Grenadier, Flamethrower, Rocket Soldier, Chemical Trooper, Gunner, Laser Chain Gunner, Sydney, Raveshaw, Hotwire and Technician wear flak armor.


Lazarus armor is exclusive and necessary to Stealth Black Hands, because of their special suit. In order to develop a suit capable to stealth its wearer, a special alloy had to be used for the cloaking device to work on the user, thus giving them no bonus damage reduction from any source. Note that Lazarus armor is more vulnerable towards electricity than Kevlar and flak; thereby, Mobius' Volt Rifle will do mostly 40% more damage to a Stealth Black Hand.

The cloaking device will be unable to operate and the stealth field will dissipate if the wearer possesses 50 points of health or less.

Only Stealth Black Hands wear Lazarus armor.

Energy based weaponry (Laser Rifles, Laser Chainguns, and Volt Rifles), Tiberium based weaponry (Chemical Sprayers and Tiberium Auto-Rifles), and Sniper weaponry (Sniper Rifles and Ramjets; Marksman Rifle will be subject to Kevlar damage reduction) will ignore any bonus damage reductions that armor possess.


Snipers and Advanced Snipers possess no armor, and thus no damage reductions. They still take 20% damage more from explosive weapons.



Light armored vehicles cannot take much punishment before needing repairs; Personal Ion Cannons and Railguns will do 100 points of damage to light armor, concentrated bullet fire and Ramjets are also somewhat effective against them.

Humvee, Buggy (normal variant), Recon Bike, Mobile Rocket Launcher System (and its Hover Tiberian Sun variant), Mobile Artillery are light armored.


Aerial vehicles, such as Chinook, Orca and Apache, will take extra damage from bullet fire and Ramjets, compared to Light armored vehicles.


Heavy armored vehicles can usually take plenty of punishment before needing repairs, and they also have more health than light armored vehicles. While Personal Ion Cannons and Railguns will still do 85 points of damage to heavy armor, most bullet-type weapons, sniper rifles, and Ramjets will not be able to inflict noticeable damage to a heavy armored vehicle.

APC, Buggy (Tiberium Sun variant), Medium Tank, Light Tank, Mammoth Tank, Flame Tank, Stealth Tank, Wolverine, Titan, Tick Tank and Harvester are heavily armored.