Chemical Trooper

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Chemical Trooper
Wiki nod chemtrooper.jpg
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Anti-everything infantry
Health 100
Armor 150 (Recruit)
175 (Veteran)
200 (Elite)
225 (Heroic)
Armor type Flak, Chemical Suit
Speed 100
Cost $250
Requires Hand of Nod
Primary weapon Chemical Thrower
Sidearm Pistol
Explosives Timed C4 x1
Grenades Tiberium Frag Grenade x1
Internal name Rx_FamilyInfo_Nod_ChemicalTrooper
Jargon Chem

The Chemical Trooper is considered to be an improved Flame Trooper, armed with a Chemical Thrower designed to spray Tiberium particulate from a can of pressurized Tiberium waste through a nozzle.


Chemical Troopers wear a full armored suit, with the insides black and the outside armor plating green, along with a helmet with a red visor.


Chemical Troopers' primary weapon is the Chemical Thrower, that contains Tiberium particulate with is highly corrosive to all infantry; even so, they can dish decent damage to anything, be it infantry, vehicles, or buildings if they are close enough to the target.

Their specialised chemical suit nullifies the effects of Tiberium contamination, making them able to walk in Tiberium fields unharmed and resilient to Chemical Trooper spies. They are also equipped with a backup Silenced Pistol and a Timed C4 for vehicle and buildings destruction.



Chemical Troopers are mostly used in early rushes, since just one of them can quickly bring down a building if they throw their C4 and fire at the Master Control Terminal if left unattended; while masses of them can either destroy a building from the outside or rush to the inside, with one of them sacrificing themselves by clearing the Proximity C4. They are also efficient in dealing with any infantry, basic or advanced, able of spraying and praying and boasting a longer range than the Flamethrower. Still, spewing Tiberium towards the opponent's head will do bonus damage to them.

Chemical Troopers serves as an alternative against vehicles, particularly versus Mobile Rocket Launcher Systems and Mammoth Tanks, since the two vehicles are not able to him targets directly adjacent to them, and they lack the speed to ram the Chemical Trooper over.

A Chemical Trooper will prefer to fight in enclosed spots, such as tunnels or chokepoints, leaving less space for snipers to spot him and more chances to jump out of a corner to ambush opponents passing by. They can also fight normally in narrow spaces since their weapon has a decent range.


Any counter that applies for the Flame Trooper may be also applied to the Chemical Trooper, due to their similarities.

Sniper infantry works best, since they can take them out from afar. More distance will be needed since Chemical Throwers have a higher range than Flamethrowers, so move backwards while firing and if the Chemical Trooper is getting close, run away with sprint (shift by default).

Sometimes sniping will not be an option, especially against cunning Chemical Trooper prioritizing closed spaces or hiding behind rocks and under bushes. If the Chemical Trooper ambushes you, try to avoid the Tiberium spray, by going behind them or moving in circles. Do not try to run away, since he will most likely turn you into a skeleton you before you can reach a safe distance.

Always be on lookout in tunnels, and move slowly but steadily through any corners and intersections, since Chemical Troopers are more likely to be setting up ambushes behind corners. Consider employing third-person view to possibly spot them in order to not get caught off guard.

If you are an Engineer, you can drop Remote C4 to either blow the Chemical Trooper up or make him circumvent them; both will give you more time to react.

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