Mammoth Tank

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X-66 Mammoth
RenX VehicleIcon Mammoth.png
Mammoth Tank.png
Ground Vehicle
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Role Heavy battle tank
Health 1200 (Recruit)
1350 (Veteran)
1500 (Elite)
1750 (Heroic)
Armor type Heavy
Seats 2
Cost $1500
120 mm Cannon
Base Damage80
Kevlar Armorx1.2
Flak Armorx0.5
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx1.3
Light Armorx1.3
Aerial Armorx1.3
Projectile type Explosive - Shell
Projectile speed 7625
Range 9000
Rate of fire 0.25
Tusk Missile
Base Damage35
Kevlar Armorx1.2
Flak Armorx0.5
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx0.75
Light Armorx0.75
Aerial Armorx1
Projectile type Explosive - Rocket
Projectile speed 3000
Range 7000
Rate of fire 0.15
Internal name Rx_Vehicle_MammothTank
Jargon Mammy

The Mammoth Tank is the heavy battle tank of the Global Defense Initiative.


The Mammoth Tank is a large yellow vehicle, almost exactly fitting the pad of the Weapons Factory. It is equipped with a double barrelled turret with missile launchers on the sides.


The Mammoth Tank is a heavy weapon, able to shoot both barrels in rapid succession before having to reload. It is also equipped with launchers that is able to fire 4 heat-seeking missiles before reloading, with considerably longer period than its' cannons. It is also able to replenish its' armor slowly. Its' downsides are the cost of the construction, which is $1500, even more expensive than Ion Cannon Beacon, its' slow speed and maneuverability, and its' large body that can pose problems on choke points.



The usage of Mammoth Tank is a double edged sword. While powerful enough to sustain damage in the field and able to dish a lot of damage, it is extremely slow and large, causing problems to both the drivers and other players in the team. It is also a highly expensive tank to buy that the loss of the tank will be a big blow in the economy. Worst case scenario is if Nod infantries manage to steal the tank.

Powerful as it is, it cannot sustain long against continous attacks or Flame Tank fire, so it is best to keep Engineers and/or Hotwires repairing the damages. The tank is vulnerable to infantries at close range.

However, a group of Mammoth Tanks that managed to rush into Nod base is almost guaranteed to flatten the base within few minutes. This will require supports from smaller vehicles as the Mammoth Tanks are slow to react to attacks.

It's not advised to buy Mammoth Tank unless the team have plans involving Mammoths. It's better to use a smaller, cheaper and more maneuverable Medium Tank.


The Mammoth Tank is a powerful vehicle a head-on one on one vehicle combat against it is a suicide. It is best to use the environment and tactics to destroy the Mammoth Tank.

Many new players sometimes leave their damaged Mammoth Tank to repair its' damage. This is very tempting to do due to the cost of the Mammoth Tank. The vehicle will be left vulnerable for hijacking.

A Flame Tank can place themselves in a choke point so that they can instantly ambush the Mammoth Tank and hopefully destroy it before it can react. Even if the tank is not destroyed, it will be left heavily damaged and will be forced to retreat, or be destroyed by other Nod units.


  • In the classic Renegade, the cannons and the missiles take the same single amunition, so you can only fire either a missile or a tank shell before the tank rapidly reloads
  • This tank has the buggiest vehicle weapon in the game due to its' unique double-weapon mechanic. It is sometimes possible to fire three shell in rapid succession as opposed to its' two ammunition limit
  • This tank is often referred to as a 'mammy' in-game.




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