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RxTS VehicleIcon Titan.png
RxTS GDI Titan.png
Ground Vehicle
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Role Main battle mech
Health 800 (Recruit)
900 (Veteran)
1000 (Elite)
1100 (Heroic)
Armor type Heavy
Seats 2
Cost $1000
120 mm Cannon
Base Damage100
Kevlar Armorx1
Flak Armorx0.5
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx0.8
Light Armorx0.8
Aerial Armorx0.8
Projectile type Explosive - Shell
Projectile speed 7625
Range 9000
Rate of fire 1.5
Internal name TS_Vehicle_Titan

The Titan is the main battle walker of the Global Defense Initiative from Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. It is considered to be an improved version of the Medium Tank. It is mainly obtained through Mystery Crates but can be purchased on the maps Fort and Toxicity.


The Titan is a large gold walker mech equipped with an antenna at the top and a huge cannon mounted on its right side.


The Titan is a generic armored assault walker. It boasts a huge cannon that is stronger than the ones mounted on Medium Tanks.



Considering the rarity of "Tiberian Sun" vehicles, it is likely that each team only possesses one at time, so they should carefully protect it since they are usually better counterparts of the "Tiberian Dawn" vehicles.

The Titan keeps the versatility that Medium Tanks had. They can be employed either to attack or defend. A Titan will survive one-on-one head on combat with most ground vehicles, except against a Mammoth Tank or a nearby Flame Tank.

The Titan has more line of sight than most vehicles due to its tall chassis; this will allow the driver to spot opposition earlier while also having the benefit of increased firing range. Also, its cannon fire has a larger area of effect than Medium Tanks, therefore making them more effective against infantry as well.

Note that the Titan's walker chassis gives less cover to Engineers repairing it than a Medium Tank would.


Anything that counters Medium Tanks will work on Titans. A group of anti-tank infantries can take on the Titan as long as the repairs aren't heavy. Consider employing snipers to assassinate Engineers; snipers might be able to snipe them between the two legs of the Titan.



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