AC-130 Cargo Plane

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AC-130 Cargo Plane
Faction Nod
Function Automated Vehicle
Health 6000
Armor Type Heavy
Armaments N/A
Seats 1
Cost N/A

The AC-130 Cargo Plane is the Brotherhood of Nod's main Vehicle for delivering other Nod vehicles on the Airstrip. A variant of the Cargo Plane, denominated AC-130 Gunship, it is armed with cannons instead.


The Cargo Plane is a large grey airplane with red stripes on its wings.


The Cargo Plane delivers vehicles for the Brotherhood of Nod. All the deliveries will land onto the red pavement area of the Airstrip. Any vehicles still lingering around that area will be destroyed when the Cargo Plane delivers a new vehicle.

The plane itself is indestructible and it does not have any collision. Occasionally, the plane will land but no vehicle will appear, this is usually caused by latency in the server.

If many Cargo Planes landing in a row are spotted, chances are that Nod is either getting ready for a vehicle rush or bolstering its defenses by camping with vehicles, thus players on the opposite team will probably brace themselves and stay on full alert against incoming rushes.

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