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RxTS VehicleIcon Wolverine.png
RxTS GDI Wolverine.png
Ground Vehicle
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Role Fast attack scout
Health 350 (Recruit)
400 (Veteran)
450 (Elite)
500 (Heroic)
Armor type Light
Seats 1
Cost $500
2x Gatling Gun
Base Damage16
Kevlar Armorx0.8
Flak Armorx1.4
Lazarus Armorx1.1
Heavy Armorx0.17
Light Armorx0.33
Aerial Armorx0.45
Projectile type Bullet rounds
Projectile speed 10000
Range 6000
Rate of fire 0.3
Internal name TS_Vehicle_Wolverine
Jargon Wolv

The Wolverine is a fast attack walker of the Global Defense Initiative from Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. It is considered as an improved version of the Humvee. It is mainly obtained through Mystery Crates but can be purchased on the maps Fort and Toxicity.


The Wolverine is a small yellow walker mech. It is equipped with an antenna on the top and armed with with 2 Vulcan cannons mounted on each arm.


The Wolverine, while not fast as the Humvee, makes up with its firepower from its twin Vulcan cannons, able to shred infantry and light armored vehicles with ease, while also damaging heavy armored vehicles to a certain degree. It is also equipped with heavy armor, allowing to withstand more punishment than the Humvee.



Considering the rarity of "Tiberian Sun" vehicles, it is likely that each team only possesses one at time, so they should carefully protect it since they are usually better counterparts of the "Tiberian Dawn" vehicles.

The Wolverine is usually used as an effective infantry killer and laying suppressing fire to deter infantries passage.

Wolverines are meant for quick skirmishes, so they should retreat when facing an armored tank force. They can support other vehicles by shredding infantries that are harassing them, especially anti-tank infantries wearing flak Armor. Wolverines will fire both Vulcan cannons at once, aim both cannons at the target to maximize damage.

Note that the Wolverine has only one seat, so it cannot carry any passengers; in addition, it is walker shape gives less cover to Engineers repairing it than a Humvee would.


While not fast enough to ram infantries over, they will have a hard time facing the Wolverine and its Vulcan cannons in open areas, so it is best to find some cover in a place they cannot walk onto to avoid its guns. Even if the Wolverine is a heavy armored vehicle, it has a low amount of health. Tank shells, missiles, flamethrowers, and Tiberium based weapons will also make short work of it. Also, a successful Timed C4 explosion is all that it takes to destroy it.


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