Medium Tank

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Medium Tank
RenX VehicleIcon Medium Tank.png
RenX GDI Medium Tank.png
Ground Vehicle
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Role Main battle tank
Health 800 (Recruit)
900 (Veteran)
1000 (Elite)
1100 (Heroic)
Armor type Heavy
Seats 2 (Driver-Gunner, Passenger)
Cost $800
105 mm Cannon
Base Damage80
Kevlar Armorx1
Flak Armorx0.5
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx0.8
Light Armorx0.8
Aerial Armorx0.8
Projectile type Explosive - Shell
Projectile speed 7625
Range 9000
Rate of fire 1.5
Coaxial MG
Damage 12 (Recruit)
13.2 (Veteran)
15 (Elite)
18 (Heroic)
Projectile type Bullet
Projectile speed 24000
Range 7200
Rate of fire 600
Magazine 30 (Recruit)
40 (Veteran)
55 (Elite)
80 (Heroic)
Internal name Rx_Vehicle_MediumTank
Jargon Medtank, Med(s)

The Medium Tank is the main battle tank of the Global Defense Initiative. Note: Currently under revision by Lightning. Some information may be missing or inaccurate.


The Medium Tank closely resembles the M1 Abrams tank used by many militaries in real life. It's overall profile is quite large and boxy with a raised engine deck, allowing for Hotwire's and Engineer's to easily repair it from behind. It features a primary weapon of a 105mm cannon complimented by a Co-Axial Machine Gun.

Role & Using the Medium Tank

The Medium Tank is the most commonly used GDI vehicle in the game. It is a middle ground between the Nod Light Tank and GDI's own Mammoth Tank, making it very versatile in most situations. For this reason, most players will end up choosing Medium tank over Mammoth Tank. Due to having overall superior mobility and economy with the Medium only costing 800 compared to the Mammoth's 1500 per unit.

On it's own a Medium Tank can out-damage any Nod Vehicle of equal veterancy in the game, except if a Flame Tank manages to close distance / engage first. Range is key when using the Medium Tank on tighter vehicle-lane maps where they can be easily outflanked by Nod's arsenal. For this reason a Medium Tank should NEVER push up alone as with any vehicle in the Game, support repairs and additional tanks to compliment it's own firepower are crucial to quickly and efficently taking down even large groups of Nod vehicles.

Countering the Medium Tank

GDI players are commonly using this vehicle as their main weapon. A group of anti-tank infantry can take on the vehicle as long as the repairs aren't too strong. Consider employing snipers to assassinate the Engineers and Hotwires in to reduce a GDI tank groups own sustainability, and Laser Chaingunners or Raveshaws to EMP Grenade to immobilize the vehicles to prevent escape and allow focus-fire on specific targets.

The best way for a Nod Vehicle to get the upper-hand over a Medium Tank is for it to either surprise it in an ambush, like a well-positioned Stealth Tank. Or for it to out-maneuver it and land critical damage before the Medium Tank can return fire, like a Light Tank or a Flame Tank if the map allows for sneaky corner peaking the Flame Tank is good at. NOTE: Flame tanks are very slow and are Nod's equivilent to the mammoth, do not use them to cover open ground.

The three primary Anti-Vehicle classes for The Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod are:

A well-placed Airstrike can totally ruin a whole Medium Tank siege / rush.


  • The Medium Tank is the only vehicle in the game with a Coaxial Machine Gun.
  • The Medium Tank is one of two regular vehicles with multiple weapons, the other being the Mammoth Tank which is also used by GDI.




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