Laser Chaingunner

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Laser Chaingunner
Wiki nod laserchaingunner.jpg
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Black Hand Black Hand
Role Anti-everything infantry
Health 100
  • 250 (Recruit)
  • 325 (Veteran)
  • 400 (Elite)
  • 475 (Heroic)
Armor type Flak
Speed 80
Cost $450
Requires Hand of Nod
Primary weapon Laser Chaingun
Grenades EMP Grenade x1
Internal name Rx_FamilyInfo_Nod_LaserChainGunner

The Laser Chaingunner is a slow unit of the Brotherhood of Nod, with the capability of dealing with both vehicles and infantry at fair range.


The Laser Chaingunner wears a full suit of armor, colored in the style of the Brotherhood of Nod.


The Laser Chaingunner is a heavily armored multi-role infantry unit armed with a Laser Chaingun, which has an infinite ammo pool and is most suited against vehicles, albeit it fares well also against infantry and buildings.

He is also equipped with Anti Tank Mines and an EMP Grenade to further emphasize his role as an effective anti-tank infantry character.

The only drawbacks of the Laser Chaingunner are his slow movement speed and the lack of a side weapon.



The Laser Chaingunner is slow but steady. He excels at defense against enemy vehicles. Since his lasers projectile speed are instantaneous, he usually does a better job compared to his GDI counterpart, Gunner, in fending off enemy vehicles rushes.

Even though Laser Chaingunners are heavily armored, they should not linger in the vehicle battlezone, but rather position themselves on high ground and behind cover, away from enemy vehicles and nearby debris to reduce area-of-effect damage from enemy vehicles.

The Laser Chaingunner is also capable at defeating infantry with his continuous barrage of lasers, akin to an Officer. He has a high DPS model and his large magazine capacity will allow him to reliably defeat enemy infantry before he needs to reload. The laser chaingun is hitscan but will become inaccurate after about 30 shots, so it is highly advised to rewind the laser chaingun during middle and long range engagements to avoid missing targets within crosshair. In addition, his low speed makes him vulnerable to enemy fire and will not help should he decide to retreat. Most of the time it is best to be gunned down trying to defeat the enemy instead of attempting to run away.

The Laser Chaingunner will also be able to deal a small amount of damage to buildings exteriors; even if they are slow, a Laser Chaingunner rush can mince everything in their way with their combined lasers. They can either destroy the building from outside or throw EMP Grenades to disarm the Proximity C4, get into the building, and unleash a laser barrage on the Master Control Terminal.


The Laser Chaingunner, being able to dispatch infantry fast and having some of the highest armor among infantry units usually grants him an advantage even in infantry brawls. Although he is slow, his armor and sheer damage dealt more than compensates for his low movement speed; therefore, the best infantry counters against him are infantry capable to kill him in one hit, such as Deadeye or Sydney. Even infantry such as Patch or Mobius might run into trouble if they do not manage to slay the Laser Chaingunner in one magazine. Also, ambushing the slow Laser Chaingunner with a Shotgunner or McFarland at close proximities is a viable option due to the quick bursts of damage able to chip the former's armor and health in only few shots.

Fast vehicles such as Humvees, APCs, or Orcas are able to ram the Laser Chaingunner over, since he is usually too slow to move away from them; slow vehicles should fall back and shell him from long range, out of the reach of his lasers if possible. Unfortunately, being specialized against tank fire, the Laser Chaingunner can take alot of punishment from splash damage due to his high armor value and flak armor, albeit they are most likely to fire from infantry pathways instead.

Consider retreating early when battling and taking damage from enemy vehicles, since the Laser Chaingun has a fair range and he will usually pop out from an infantry path nearby to finish your damaged tank.


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