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Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Anti-personnel infantry
Health 100


  • 150 (Recruit)
  • 175 (Veteran)
  • 200 (Elite)
  • 225 (Heroic)


  • 125 (Recruit)
  • 150 (Veteran)
  • 175 (Elite)
  • 200 (Heroic)
Armor type Kevlar
  • 100 (GDI)
  • 110 (Nod)
Cost $175
Primary weapon Chaingun
Sidearm Pistol
Explosives Timed C4 x1
Grenades Smoke Grenade x1

The Officer is suited to fight other infantry. Both the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod have access to this infantry class.



GDI Officers wear military jackets with GDI insignia , trousers, boots, and kneepads, along with glasses and a hat on the top. They also carry a small communication device on their right ear.


Nod Officers wear military jackets with Nod insignia , trousers, and boots, along with a gas mask featuring red googles and a hat on the top.


Officers are able to quickly mow down infantries and lay suppressing fire with their Chainguns. They can damage light armored vehicles to some degree, but deal nothing against heavy armored ones or buildings. Also, they possess Smoke Grenades that they can employ to aid infiltration or retreat. Lastly, they are also equipped with a backup Silenced Pistol and a Timed C4 for armors and buildings destruction.



Officers have the largest amount to ammunition in one clip, so they can "spray and pray" their Chainguns for a extended period of time before reloading; still, hitting the opponent's head will inflict additional damage. Veteran Officer players are usually able to hold up to or defeat advanced infantries, especially against flak armored ones such as Gunner, Laser Chaingunner, Sydney, and Raveshaw since they receive extra damage from the Chaingun.

Officers are a good choice to effectively counter an early rush, due to their low cost; a small group of officers such as five can mow down an entire infantry rush coming out from a narrow chokepoint (ex. when opponents rush through Islands' tunnels). They are also employed as effective patrol against sneaky Hotwires and Technicians and effective in dealing with any Stealth Black Hands lingering in the base.

Lastly, Officers' Smoke Grenades can be employed in many situations, whenever that is obscuring automated defenses to infiltrate or rush, or obscuring enemy view to make them lose the player's whereabouts and granting them a chance to retreat.


Most infantries will get in trouble against an Officer, and the latter will eventually gain the upper hand when the player has to reload their weapon (unless they are also Officers). Effective counters against Officers are sniper classes, such as Havoc/Sakura, or Deadeye/Black Hand Sniper; also, Mobius/Mendoza are viable counters due to their Kevlar armor, while their main weapons are able to bypass the Officer's armor.

Vehicles, on the other hand, even light armored ones, can easily deal with an Officer; while they might be annoying, they cannot really do considerate damage to vehicles.

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