Smoke Grenade

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Smoke Grenade
RenX WeaponIcon Smoke Grenade.png
Carried by Global Defense InitiativeBrotherhood of Nod Officer
Global Defense Initiative Deadeye
Brotherhood of Nod Black Hand Sniper
Global Defense Initiative Havoc
Brotherhood of Nod Sakura
Type Vision obstruction grenade
Projectile speed 1500
Range 2800
Recharge 0:35
Magazine Infinite
Internal name Rx_Weapon_SmokeGrenade

The Smoke Grenade is a special utility weapon employed to obstruct vision.


The Smoke Grenade is a cylindrical grenade with a pin on the top.


The Smoke Grenade generates a smoke field a short moment after being thrown. Smoke Grenades can be used to obfuscate automated defenses field of sight, facilitating infiltration missions and rushes, or they can be used to conceal oneself in order to possibly avoiding being spotted and giving a chance to fall back. Lastly, they can be thrown at the enemy to possibly cause confusion or to ambush them while they are in the middle of the smoke field.

Higher veterancy ranks will increase the duration of the smoke field.

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