Frag Grenade

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Frag Grenade
RenX WeaponIcon Grenade.png
Carried by Global Defense Initiative McFarland
Type Anti-personnel grenade
Damage 125
Projectile speed 1500
Range 2800
Recharge 0:25
Magazine Infinite
Internal name Rx_Weapon_Grenade

The Frag Grenade can be employed to damage infantry.


The Frag Grenade is a oval grenade with a pin on the top.

Damage table

Base Damage Headshot Multiplier Kevlar Armor Multiplier Flak Armor Multiplier Lazarus Armor Multiplier Heavy Armor Multiplier Light Armor Multiplier Aerial Armor Multiplier Building Multiplier MCT Multiplier
125 x5 x1 x0.5 x1 x0.15 x0.15 x0.15 x0 x0

Full damage will be inflicted only if the target body is struck completely by the grenade explosion.


The Frag Grenade explodes on contact with an enemy infantry or shortly after being thrown. Inflicting full damage with it is nigh impossible unless a player manages to lob the grenade onto an infantry. Mainly used to soften up Kevlar armor before switching to the primary weapon. It can be also thrown into an infantry path and wait for an enemy passing by when the grenade explodes. Does little damage against Vehicles, and no damage on Buildings.

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