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RenX WeaponIcon Railgun.png
Rx Railgun.png
Carried by Brotherhood of Nod Raveshaw
Brotherhood of Nod Mutant Raveshaw
Type Primary weapon
Base Damage200
Kevlar Armorx0.9
Flak Armorx0.9
Lazarus Armorx0.9
Heavy Armorx0.428
Light Armorx0.5
Aerial Armorx0.5
Damage type Energetic - Railgun
Projectile speed 50000
Range 5600
Scope lens Single zoom level
Rate of fire 4
Magazine 4 (Recruit, Veteran)
5 (Elite)
6 (Heroic)
Reserve 44 (Recruit)
52 (Veteran)
75 (Elite)
102 (Heroic)
Internal name Rx_Weapon_Railgun

The N144 Prototype Railgun is Raveshaw's main weapon.


The Railgun is a special weapon possessing rails that propel the bullet at extreme speeds instead of barrels. It also has a scope mounted on the top and features a bulky design. Clips are loaded into the bottom part of the weapon.


The Railgun fires devastating rounds propelled at extreme speeds by magnetic coil induction. It does high damage against everything, and it is able to kill infantries in one hit with a headshot, akin to sniper rifles. However, shorter range, rate of fire, and longer reloading times make the Railgun not effective as Sniper Rifles or Ramjet Rifles when it comes to infantry. Still, a skilled wielder is able to deal with both infantry and vehicles at once.

Note that Railgun leaves a highly visible trace after firing; therefore switching locations often is advised.


  • The Raligun is a prototype GDI weapon: the GDI logo can be seen on the side of the weapon. The logo has been partially scratched away, along with scratches that read "Nod", probably done after Nod acquired the weapon.
    • Near the weapon clip, the statement "Fire off-screen to reload" among with a small icon of a pistol and a television can be seen.
  • The history of the weapon varies from the perspective of both Renegade and Renegade X. The rail gun in Renegade was a Nod prototype weapon that was theorized to have been stolen by GDI, indicating where they started to research their own rail gun weaponry in future games, whereas in Renegade X, the weapon was stolen by the Brotherhood and used as an advanced anti-armor weapon.

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