Chemical Thrower

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Chemical Thrower
RenX WeaponIcon Chem Thrower.png
Carried by Brotherhood of Nod Chemical Trooper
Type Primary weapon
Base Damage12
Kevlar Armorx1
Flak Armorx1
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx0.25
Light Armorx0.35
Aerial Armorx0.35
Damage type Corrosive - Tiberium contamination
Projectile speed 1750
Range 1500
Rate of fire 0.1
Magazine 50 (Recruit)
60 (Veteran)
70 (Elite)
80 (Heroic)
Reserve 950 (Recruit)
1260 (Veteran)
1610 (Elite)
2000 (Heroic)
Internal name Rx_Weapon_ChemicalThrower

The V2 Venom Chemical Thrower is the primary weapon for the Brotherhood of Nod's Chemical Troopers.


The Chemical Thrower has a double barrel where Tiberium particulate is released and a large handle on top to carry it when not employed. Clips are made of triple pressurised Tiberium waste canisters that fuel the weapon, and they are inserted below the weapon.


The Chemical Thrower sprays a stream of pressurised Tiberium waste particulate. It is considered an improved version of the Flamethrower, having higher damage output, and retaining the ability to damage everything to a decent degree, having more clips that can be "sprayed and prayed" over, and still being devastating against buildings en masse just like the former. Same with the Flamethrower, its only drawback is its extremely short range, requiring the wielder to close towards their opponents.

The Chemical Thrower has also the most amount of ammunition among all weapons, possessing 1000 rounds before running dry.

Tiberium will contaminate infantry for periodical damage and bypass any kind of armor reduction.

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