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RenX WeaponIcon Carbine.png
Carried by Global Defense Initiative Gunner
Global Defense Initiative Havoc
Brotherhood of Nod Sakura
Type Side weapon
Base Damage12
Kevlar Armorx0.7
Flak Armorx1.3
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx0.08
Light Armorx0.2333331
Aerial Armorx0.35
Damage type Bullet rounds
Range 3200
Scope lens Single zoom level
Rate of fire 0.11
Magazine Infinite
Internal name Rx_Weapon_Carbine

The Raptor Carbine is the side weapon for both the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod's Advanced Snipers and for Gunner.


The Carbine is a compact bullpup rifle with a forward grip under the barrel, and a reflex sight on the top. Magazines are loaded into the magazine well of the weapon, located behind the rear pistol grip.


The Carbine fires a short burst of bullets. It is stronger than the Machine Pistol/Silenced Machine Pistol, possessing more damage but less range. Due to their small magazines, Carbines are not efficient at "spraying and praying", but they come handy against weakened opponent infantries when only one or two hits are needed to finish them, especially when there is no time or it takes too long to reload the primary weapon. It does negligible damage to vehicles with heavy armor and buildings, and very little damage to vehicles with light armor.


  • Sakura, the Brotherhood of Nod's Advanced Sniper, uses a silenced carbine. Other than its reduced volume level when firing and the silencer on the end of the barrel, it is identical to the regular carbine.


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