Missile Launcher

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Missile Launcher
RenX WeaponIcon Missile Launcher.png
Rx MissileLauncher 01.jpg
Carried by Global Defense InitiativeBrotherhood of Nod Rocket Soldier
Type Primary weapon
Base Damage100
Kevlar Armorx1
Flak Armorx0.5
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx0.65
Light Armorx0.75
Aerial Armorx0.9
Damage type Explosive rockets
Projectile speed 2500/5000 (Alt Fire)
Range 29000
Rate of fire 3.6
Magazine 1
Reserve 25 (Recruit)
27 (Veteran)
29 (Elite)
31 (Heroic)
Internal name Rx_Weapon_MissileLauncher

The Corebrette ML330 Missile Launcher is the main weapon for both Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod's basic Rocket Soldiers.


The Missile Launcher is a long cylindrical launcher where rockets are loaded and fired. On the side it has a handle, a battery storage, a small screen, a sensor for the lock-on propriety, and below it the trigger can be found. Each rocket is loaded into the cylinder by removing the back part and inserting the rocket.


The Missile Launcher fires one rocket at time. If the crosshair is focused on a target for long enough, it will lock to the target - now the rocket will home towards that target if fired. Should a player not employ the lock on, they can use the alternate fire (right mouse button) to ignore the lock and fire the rocket directly to where they are pointing; it also travels a little faster with alternate fire. Rockets do reasonable damage to vehicles, buildings, and infantry, the latter only with a direct hit or headshot. Due to their slow rate of fire, Missile Launchers are not very well suited in infantry clashes.


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