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Angus McFarland
Wiki gdi mcfarland.jpg
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Role Anti-personnel infantry
Health 100
  • 150 (Recruit)
  • 150 (Veteran)
  • 175 (Elite)
  • 200 (Heroic)
Armor type Kevlar
Speed 105
Cost $250
Requires Barracks
Primary weapon Flak Cannon
Sidearm Pistol
Explosives Timed C4 x1
Grenades Frag Grenade x1
Internal name Rx_FamilyInfo_GDI_McFarland
Jargon McFart

Captain Angus McFarland is GDI's close range fighter; he is an improved version of the Shotgunner. He is an original character added to Renegade X, and is a prominent supporting character in the Black Dawn campaign.


McFarland is a jolly heavy-weapons expert famous for his comedic sense of humour in tough times, rosy cheeks, red beard and belly. Of Scottish background, McFarland was best known for his proficiency in golf and his drinking habits. Before joining the military, he owned a fishing business, where he learned to navigate small and large boats in harsh conditions. After he went out of business, he joined the Special Boat Service where he met Nigel "Gunner" Grant, who taught McFarland all he needed to know about the use of shotguns, chainguns, grenade launchers and other weapons.

Although McFarland was infamous for his risky-but-unnecessary tactics, his service record was impressive. In Greece, he single-handedly rescued a captured GDI commander from a Nod-controlled village. Breathalyzer tests confirmed that he was intoxicated throughout the entire mission. Even when he was not in service, he was still on the job: when an underground meeting between two Nod commanders was occurring in Edinburgh, McFarland sneaked into the Nod safehouse dressed as a chef, and served his enemies haggis with explosives hidden in each plate.

After an irresponsible weapons mishandling on a British vessel left 8 soldiers wounded, he was discharged from the SBS. However, he was soon recruited by the GDI because of his proficiency in dealing with high-value targets. He eventually led his own combat team as a Warrant Officer and led many successful assaults against Nod installments in eastern Europe. McFarland coordinated with the Dead 6 on a few special missions, and built a close rapport with Nick "Havoc" Parker.

McFarland constantly disobeys military regulation, but the successes of him and his team have consistently overshadowed his faults. Because of his heavy weapons expertise and thorough experience in search-and-rescue operations, GDI has sent McFarland to the Black Sea alongside Havoc to lead their commando teams through the Nod stronghold.


McFarland wears a green military jacket with GDI insignia, trousers, boots and kneepads, along with a beret on the top.


McFarland is equipped with a Flak Cannon as his main weapon. He will usually dish heavy damage even to advanced infantries, generally taking all of their Armor in two or three quick, precise bursts in close proximity. McFarland's main weapon has an alternate fire where the cannon shoots a small explosive slug in an arc trajectory, similar to the one of the Grenade Launcher. The slug deals splash damage upon impact, and it will deliver damage higher than regular fire towards other infantries, should the slug hit them.

McFarland will do little damage to vehicles or buildings. He is also equipped with a backup Silenced Pistol and a Timed C4 for armors and buildings destruction.



McFarland shares plenty of similarities with a Shotgunner, trading damage output for higher rate of fire and extended clip that allows him to keep firing before needing to reload. Still, he should not be underestimated; while he is basically useless in open field and far away from the opponents, he shines in close range combat. Few bursts from his cannon will severely damage basic and advanced infantries.

McFarland can also use his alternate fire to use two rounds to fire from a single explosive slug from his cannon; the slug has more range than regular fire and splash area damage as well.

McFarland will prefer to fight in enclosed spots, such as tunnels or chokepoints, leaving less space for snipers to spot him and more chances to jump out of a corner to ambush opponents passing by, closing in toward them in order to maximize his damage output. He will also know the best opportunity to switch between regular fire and alternate fire and when to sidestep around the enemy instead.


Anything that counters a Shotgunner can counter McFarland as well. He is usually dangerous only when he is close to you; consider employing sniper infantry to take him out from afar. If sniping is not an option, as most probably will be not, due to him prioritizing closed spaces, try to avoid his cannon bursts to minimize damage, and keep strafing to avoid his explosive slugs. Circling around him might be a viable option to avoid flak cannon fire.

Always be on lookout in tunnels, and move slowly but steadily through any corners and intersections, since McFarland is more likely to be setting up ambushes behind corners. Consider employing third-person view to possibly spot him in order to not get caught off guard.

If you are an Engineer, you can drop Remote C4 to either blow McFarland up or make him circumvent them; both will give you more time to react.

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