Brotherhood of Nod

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Brotherhood of Nod
RenX Nod Logo.png
Type Violent non-state actor, religion
Team colour Red
Tactics Guerrilla warfare
Leader(s) Kane
Inner Circle

The Brotherhood of Nod, also known simply as Nod, is a faction in the C&C universe across many of its games, and returns as one of the two playable factions in Renegade X. Their organization bears resemblances to that of a religious order, a stateless nation, an anti-NATO force, and a secretive militia. They are frequently engaged in combat with their main enemy faction, the Global Defense Initiative.

Nod's theme is that of an aggressive and sinister cult, along with apparel, function, and combat style. Their leader is a man known as Kane, an icon who has possibly lived since the prehistoric era and has various references throughout recorded history. Their infantry ranges from conscripts with ominous facemasks and surplus military munitions, to devout troops equipped with protective suits and weaponized flame and tiberium arms, to Black Hand soldiers equipped with high-tech laser weaponry and optical stealth. Their cavalry include basic Light Tanks, Eastern Bloc-style APCs, armed Dune-Buggies, Self-Propelled Artillery pieces, Apache Attack Helicopters, Flame Tanks, and Stealth Tanks complete with four treads and optical stealth cloaking and homing missiles. Their infantry are garrisoned in a shrine-like Hand of Nod, and their vehicles are deployed by airdrops at the Airstrip. Their combat support includes AC-130 Gunship Bombardment and Nuclear Missile Strikes.





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