Tiberium Refinery

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Tiberium Refinery
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Economic income
Health 4800
Internal name Rx_Building_Refinery
Jargon Ref

The Tiberium Refinery is the building responsible for economic income for the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.


The refinery is a large structure with a large silo connected on the right, a pumping system visible on the top, and a docking bay for the Harvester of its' associated team. The entrance is on the front at the right side, and the back on the left side.

The interior consists of two square rooms connected with a small corridor. The Master Control Terminal is located near the back entrance in the processing room.

It's flying version adds a ramp on the left side to the rooftops on the left.


The Tiberium Refinery is the main source of income, for both the Global Defense Initiative, and the Brotherhood of Nod. It processes Tiberium resulting in a steady 2 Credits per second income for every player. A Harvester is deployed from the Airstrip and Weapons Factory at the beginning of a game, and will continuously make trips to a designated Tiberium field in order to collect Tiberium crystals before returning to the Tiberium Refinery where it will unload the Tiberium. When a Harvester docks with the refinery, it rewards every player on its' team with a large surge of credits. The typical amount is 300, but it can vary from map to map. Credits can be used to purchase advanced infantry classes, items and vehicles from purchase terminal.



This building is the key to hamper enemy's economy infrastructure. Players can choose to destroy the building, also causing the Harvester to explode and unavailable. However, it's easier to just destroy the Harvester continuously, although this will require control on enemy's Tiberium field or a dedicated team for the Harvester's destruction.

Consider placing beacons on the docking bay as the Harvester will serve well to keep the defenders from defusing the beacon properly due to being blocked. The area between the main structure and the silo also serves as a subtle spot. In Flying maps, consider placing one in the roof. Some people will also rarely place their beacon on the lamp on top of the door. This is a perfectly disarmable place even from the ground, but the unusual nature of this beacon makes it hard to find.

Destruction of this building causes permanent destruction of its' associated Harvester as well as reducing income from 2 Credits per player to only 0.5 Credits per player. Depending on how quickly this building is destroyed, the impact of destruction could be minor in the late-game due to already accumulated wealth, to devastating in the early game, when players are still poor. The Tiberium Refinery should be considered a primary target when attacking the enemy base in the early stages of the game.


As the primary source of income, this building is vital to be protected. However, keep in mind that a Refinery without a Harvester is an almost defunct Refinery, only being able to produce 2 credits per second. This is a determining factor in early game so keep your Harvester alive in its' first unload. This will be enough to fund you a vehicle or a higher tier character.

The Refinery's silo, docking bay and rooftops are prone to beacon, but also keep looking at the lamp on top of the door for some mildly cunning player's beacon. This is the spot where although the beacon is easy to disarm from the ground, it's also hard to notice


  • There's a collision bug where you can 'walk'/'crouch'- walk all the way to the rooftops in the non-flying version. This is probably due to faulty flying version collision applied on non-flying building.

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