Repair Facility

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Repair Facility
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Repairing Vehicles
Health 4800
Internal name Rx_Building_RepairFacility
Jargon RF

The Repair Facility is the vehicle repair building for both the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.


The Repair Facility is shaped like a circle on the ground with metal construction and rotating repair beams. The open design of the Repair Facility allows your team's vehicles to drive on and off, allowing it to quickly repair vehicle after vehicle without delay.


The Repair Facility provides for automated repair of your vehicle, for both the Global Defense Initiative, and the Brotherhood of Nod. A vehicle being repaired on the Repair Facility can easily fight to defend the base allowing it to be constantly repaired within an open structure.



Shelling the building with tanks is the easiest way to attack it. As the building is very short in height, tanks can roll over the Repair Facility while covering a beacon that will be placed on the structure.


The best way to defend it is to park your vehicle on it and fire at attackers while being constantly repaired.

This building can be repaired externally only, it is much faster to repair it using a Hotwire or Technician.


  • The Repair Facility can be enabled or disabled for game victory in the map editor. If it is enabled as a victory condition, it will be shown in the HUD alongside the other buildings.
  • In C&C Tiberian Dawn, this structure allows GDI to construct Mammoth Tanks at the Weapons Factory


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