Silo (Tech Building)

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Tiberium Silo (Tech Building)
Tech Building
Role Economic income
Internal name Rx_Building_Silo

Tiberium Silos are capturable Tech Buildings.


The Tiberium Silo is formed by a dome-shaped Tiberium storage, interconnected to its' main section via several tubes. The main section is a platform above ground floor, has a smokestack, a small radar disc, some containers on the floor, and a capturable Master Control Terminal on the central block. There are two sets of stairs one can climb to reach the MCT. Not all Tiberium Silos are equal: for example, the Silo on the map Field has large metal panels on its' main section for additional cover, and a couple of long connecting tubes that act as a bridge to the tiberium storage part.

A flag on the top indicates which faction possesses the building. It appears with a wrench icon and white while it is neutral, it appears yellow with a GDI symbol added when GDI acquires it, and it appears red with a Nod symbol added when Nod acquires it.

Tiberium Silos have no interiors.


The Tiberium Silo provides a small source of income (1 Credit every 2 seconds) towards the faction that has captured it. On certain maps, Silos might provide more credits than usual; for example, the Silos in the map Snow provides approximately 2.25 credits every 2 seconds due to the special conditions of the map.



Only Engineers and Advanced Engineers can capture Silos. Repair Tools will not last enough to capture the Silo in one magazine; they will need to be recharged once to do so. Note that when the Silo is captured or neutralized, a message will be broadcasted to everyone, enemy team included, and thus the player capturing the Silo must exercise caution as an opponent might come to get them.

Usually it is not needed to climb the stairs and stand in front of the MCT, as Repair Guns have enough range to hit it. from below. Only players with Repair Tools will need to get close to it. It is advised to seek cover and keep moving when capturing the Silo; crawling behind the containers and standing on the floor below are viable spots, while standing on top of the storage dome offers more visibility against incoming enemies.


Tiberium Silos control tend to bounce back and forth between the two teams, since most of them are located in infantry-only paths of the map, and after someone has captured it, it gets forgotten until the opponent team captures it; however, with the destruction of Tiberium Refineries, Silos will play a vital role in reestablishing the faction's economy, therefore control of the Silo will mostly be prioritized by the team. Defending Silos will be much easier if the silo is located on a vehicle path, since tank fire will keep it covered from enemy engineers.

Some players might lob some Remote C4s near the Silo's MCT, and wait for an opponent to come in order to blow them. It is not advisable to plant Proximity C4 to protect the Silo even if there are unused mines, because enemy repair guns may hit the MCT from afar or disarm the mines.


  • In some maps, players may jump onto the storage dome instead of climbing the stairs. Usually, the top of dome is reachable only through the main platform.
  • Prior to Beta 5 Armor patch, Silos allowed the faction that controlled them to purchase 2 Tiberium-base weapons as side weapon for their infantries, the Tiberium Flechette and the old Tiberium Autoumatic Rifle.