Fort (Tech Building)

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Tech Building
Role Advanced vehicle production
Internal name Rx_CapturableMCT_Fort

The Fort is the capturable Tech Building, in the same named map, Fort.


The Fort is old, battle-weary fortification, having two floors, various cracks, broken pavement, a bastion with the flag on the top, and several boxes scattered all around. Under the fort, there is a bunker with the capturable Master Control Terminal. To reach it, players can arrive from the tunnels that lead to each base, for by dropping down from a ladder leading to the ground floor. From the tunnels, player can see an exhibit of the team's respective Tiberian Sun vehicles: Wolverine, Titan, and Hover Mobile Rocket Launcher System in the GDI section of the tunnel, Buggy (Tiberian Sun), Attack Cycle, and Tick Tank in the Nod section of the tunnel.

A set of stairs leads to the second floor, while the tower can be reached via a ladder nearby.

A flag on the top indicates which faction possesses the building. It appears with a cross icon and white while it is neutral, it appears yellow with a GDI symbol added when GDI acquires it, and it appears red with a Nod symbol added when Nod acquires it.


The Fort allows the team that has control of it to purchase their Tiberian Sun vehicles from the Purchase Terminals in their main buildings.

The Global Defense Initiative will be able to purchase:

The Brotherhood of Nod will be able to purchase:



Only Engineers and Advanced Engineers can capture the Fort. Repair Tools will not last enough to capture it in one magazine; they will need to be recharged once to do so. Note that when the Fort is captured or neutralized, a message will be broadcasted to everyone, enemy team included, and thus the player capturing the Fort must exercise caution as an opponent might come to get them.

Given the Fort's MCT is located in a subterranean bunker, there are only three ways where other players can come from. Still, is advised to keep moving when capturing the Fort, while watching the tunnel of the opposite team and possibly the ladder. There are some pillars one may employ to seek cover.


Since Tiberian Sun vehicles are usually superior to their Tiberian Dawn counterparts, control for the Fort will be mostly fought over during a crowded match. Akin to infantry clashes in tunnels, a sizeable force of infantries backed by Advanced Engineers will be needed to hold the position. Controlling the bunker room of the Fort also denies opponent the opportunity to employ the team's tunnel as a sneaking path.

Some players might lob some Remote C4s near the Fort's MCT, and wait for an opponent to come in order to blow them. If there are unused Proximity C4, one can plant them near the tunnel entrances or down the ladder to blow up unsuspecting opponents and protect the Fort.