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Tech Building
Role Alternate passageway switch

The Dam is a capturable Tech Building, in Reservoir.


The Dam appears battle-weary, infested with vines, and bears recent occurrences of fighting. The Dam has three floors connected by two sets of stairs, a roof, fewer cracks, tubes, barrels, crates, and machinery, scattered throughout the floors. In the center of the second floor, there is a capturable Master Control Terminal. To reach it, players can climb the pair of stairs on each edge of the room, or enter through the cracks from the catwalk outside.

Behind the MCT, there is a small alcove leading to two large bay doors.


Upon capture of the Dam's MCT, the bay door of the opposite faction (yellow lines for GDI, red lines for Nod) will open up, revealing a passage that leads to the back of that team's Power Plant and close to their rear Guard Tower. This alternate path allows players to take out the rear defense tower by swarming it with Timed C4 and employ it as a path to enter the enemy base, possibly undetected, afterwards.

Infantry rushes may also employ the passageway to swiftly reach and attack the Power Plant.

If the opponent team captures the Dam's MCT, thus closing the bay door, while players are still inside the passage, those players will either have to jump out or wait for allies to recapture the Dam's MCT.

If the Dam's MCT is neutral, both bay doors will remain closed.



Only Engineers and Advanced Engineers can capture the Dam. Repair Tools will not last enough to capture it in one magazine; they will need to be recharged once to do so. Note that when the Dam is captured or neutralized, a message will be broadcasted to everyone, enemy team included, and thus the player capturing the Dam must exercise caution as an opponent might come to get them.

Given the Dam's MCT is located in a interior, there are only four ways where other players can come from. Still, is advised to keep moving when capturing the Dam, while watching the staircases and the entrances. One may linger under the small catwalk overpass or in the alcove for cover, provided that the Repair Gun is still in range of the MCT.


The Dam's secret passage may assist sneakers or an infantry rush. Still, it is not considered paramount, as patrols are most likely going to check and possibly lob Remote C4 at the exit of the secret passage once they hear the broadcast. Usually control of the Dam will bounce back and forth if left unattended. Players may be assigned to defend the Dam form lone Engineers; ambushing them from the corner leading to the alcove is a viable tactic.

Some players might lob some Remote C4s near the Dam's MCT, and wait for an opponent to come in order to blow them. It is not advisable to plant Proximity C4 to protect the Dam, even if there are unused mines, because enemy repair guns may hit the MCT from afar or disarm the mines.