Communications Center

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Communications Center
Tech Building
Role Intelligence source
Internal name Rx_Building_CommCentre
Jargon Comm Center, Comm

Communication Centers are capturable Tech Buildings.


The Communication Center is composed by a rotating radar dish on the top along with a smaller one found just below. The radars are build upon a octagonal and cross-shaped support structure; the capturable Master Control Terminal is located on the front side of the building.

A flag on the side indicates which faction possesses the building. It appears with a wrench icon and white while it is neutral, it appears yellow with a GDI symbol added when GDI acquires it, and it appears red with a Nod symbol added when Nod acquires it.

Communication Centers have no interiors.


The Communication Center reveals the location of all opponent infantry and vehicles outside their base on the mini map (but not on the overview map) for faction that has captured it. Infantries will appear as dots, while vehicles will appear as icons resembling the type of vehicle.



Only Engineers and Advanced Engineers can capture Communication Centers. Repair Tools will not last enough to capture it in one magazine; they will need to be recharged once to do so. Note that when the Communication Center is captured or neutralized, a message will be broadcasted to everyone, enemy team included, and thus the player capturing the Communication Center must exercise caution as an opponent might come to get them.

It is advised to seek cover and keep moving when capturing the Communication Center; for example capturing its MCT from standing around the edges of the building allows the player to quickly run behind the building to dodge incoming fire.


Communication Centers control will prove to be vital in hampering the opponent's attempt to sneak into the base; therefore, it is advised to keep a stationary force around it to keep it well defended from enemy incursions. Defending Communication Centers will be much easier if it is located on a vehicle path, since tank fire will keep it covered from enemy engineers.

The team that has control of the Communication Center should take periodical glances at their base in the overview map and check for possible enemy infiltrators. Still, stealth units, such as Stealth Black Hands and Stealth Tanks will not be displayed on the map unless they are revealed.

Some players might lob some Remote C4s near the Communication Center's MCT, and wait for an opponent to come in order to blow them. It is not advisable to plant Proximity C4 to protect the Communication Center even if there are unused mines, because enemy repair guns may hit the MCT from afar or disarm the mines.

Control of the Communication Center will both aid infiltrators in sneaking into the enemy base, since they will be able to see enemy players on the minimap and overview map (except stealth); and aid in patrolling, since enemy infiltrators will show up on the maps as well.


  • In the original Renegade, the Communication Center is a main building instead, including interiors, Master Control Terminal, and Purchase Terminals.
  • The Communication Center is shortened as "Comm Center" or just as "Comm".

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