Stealth Tank

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Stealth Tank
RenX VehicleIcon Stealth Tank.png
RenX Nod Stealth Tank.png
Ground Vehicle
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Guerrilla combat vehicle
Health 400 (Recruit)
450 (Veteran)
500 (Elite)
550 (Heroic)
Armor type Heavy
Seats 1
Cost $900
TOW Missiles
Base Damage45
Kevlar Armorx1
Flak Armorx0.5
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx1
Light Armorx1
Aerial Armorx1
Projectile type Explosive - Rockets
Projectile speed 500-3000
Range 2000-6000
Rate of fire 0.15
Internal name Rx_Vehicle_StealthTank
Jargon Stank

The Stealth Tank is the stealth combat vehicle of the Brotherhood of Nod capable of invisibility.


The Stealth Tank is medium-sized red and black tank with one main body attached to four treads. A missile launcher is attached on top of the main body while Nod symbols are printed on the sides.


Both the main weapon and the tank itself get bonuses with veteran levels:

Projectile speed Rate of fire Reload speed Sprint speed Traverse speed Cloak time
Veteran +10% 0 +20% +5% +5% 3s
Elite +25% 0 +35% +10% +10% 2s
Heroic +50% +20% +55% +15% +15% 1s
  • Projectile Speed: how fast the rockets fly, since they have the same lifespan, it increases their range.
  • Rate of fire: the delay between rockets while firing, only improves at Heroic.
  • Reload speed: time to reload the gun, base reload time at Recruit is 1.5s.
  • Sprint Speed: tank movement while sprinting, does not improve base movement speed.
  • Traverse speed: how fast the tank can turn while sprinting.
  • Cloak time: the time it takes for the tank to cloak after firing or entering an empty Stealth tank, base value at Recruit is 4s.


The Stealth Tank is a tank capable of infiltration due to its' cloaking capability, only mildly visible from close distance. While unable to withstand punishment against GDI's heavier tanks for long, its' missiles are capable of destroying buildings, especially in groups.

Stealth Tank only disengages its cloaking device temporarily when firing, and will shut it down when unmanned or if the tank has sustained heavy damage (50 health points remaining or less). It flickers when damaged and flickers for close ranged enemies.



Stealth Tanks are powerful for its' quiet nature. Enemies will rarely see a Stealth Tank coming until the Stealth Tank gets close or showed themselves. It is not recommended to stay too close with other friendly tanks as collision against other tanks are still possible and the Stealth Tank can take stray shots, blowing off its' cover. GDI will quickly destroy Stealth Tank on sight (unless it's not manned)

One strategy is to use Stealth Tank as a cover for Superweapon Beacon, using its' cloaked body to crush the unsuspecting Engineers trying to disarm the beacons. This does not deactivate the Stealth Tank's cloaking device. Be wary of the anti-tank infantries who have been made aware of the Tank's existence.

Another popular strategy among players are the 'Stealth Tank Rush', a group of Stealth Tanks infiltrating enemy base and stormed into one building at once. Failure is only met when the group was discovered and the GDI is on full alert. In the Rush, no Stealth Tank in the group should fire their weapons at any condition other than luring the enemies away. Even that will cost the team money and lessened the firepower in the rush. The Rush's power lies on its' surprise factor.


Stealth Tanks are weak compared to other tanks, cannot survive a Medium Tank who managed to land the first shot. The inaccurate missiles means that its' not very viable for open combat. However, a cloaked Stealth Tank in base can really turn the game upside down, so the team is expected to be quick to dispatch any discovered Stealth Tank to oblivion.

One thing to note is to always take note on Airstrip deliveries. A Stealth Tank Rush is lethal, and requires awareness to avert any permanent damages it can cause. Anti-Tank Mines are always useful when dealing with any incoming Stealth Tank rush.

In case of beacons, try disarming them while standing on a place that is unreachable by tanks. Even though the Stealth Tank still has missiles, this will still blow the Tank's cover due to it having to deactivate its' cloaking upon firing.


  • There is a bug where suiciding inside a Stealth Tank keeps it invisible, but targetable.
  • Any C4s attached to a cloaked Stealth Tank will appear floating in the air to the enemies.
  • It is the only vehicle with no passenger seat among the Tiberian Dawn vehicles.



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