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Nod BU Airstrip.png
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Vehicle production
Health 4800
Internal name Rx_Building_Airstrip
Jargon Air

The Airstrip is the vehicle production building of the Brotherhood of Nod.


The Airstrip consists of two buildings, a large wide airstrip for the vehicle drop off and a small control tower building where the Master Control Terminal is located. The Control Tower is hexagonal shape.

The interior of the control tower revolves around the hexagonal shape, consisting of two Purchase Terminal in the corridors and the Master Control Terminal at the end. Also included is a doorway to an empty room under the lookout in the second floor. The tower only has one door

The flying version includes a set ramps circling around the tower to the top, and subtlely allows access to the second floor of the tower, which allows access to the empty room.

The Airstrip is considered the largest building in Renegade X while the control tower itself is the smallest.


The Airstrip is the vehicle production structure for the Brotherhood of Nod. It is tied to vehicle acquisition, and if it is destroyed, Nod will lose the ability to purchase most of their vehicles, while Buggies and APCs require an increased credit cost.

The loss of the Airstrip, limits the real threat to structures, to just infantry only, although that infantry can still be deployed by APC to get to the structure, and can still be dangerous in a focused attack from the outside.



The Airstrip is probably the most revealing Nod structure, as every vehicle delivery will involve a large AC-130 Cargo Plane landing and taking off on the strip with a loud airplane noise that can be heard throughout the map. Note that this is also the case on Harvester delivery, but a vehicle siege/rush is to be expected if the multiple planes land repeatedly. If nothing is to be seen afterwards, either the tanks are camped in the base, or a Stealth Tank rush is incoming.

The length and size of the Airstrip makes it very vulnerable to tank siege. However it is to be noted that the airstrip is short in height. Tanks can roll over the Airstrip while covering a beacon that will be placed on airstrip structure. Note that attacking either the tower or the strip will damage both structure equally, and beacon can be placed on either structure and destroys both. They are treated as a single building.

A common beacon placement is usually at the edge of the airstrip where tanks can easily cover the beacon with minimum effort.

In flying maps, it is common for veteran players to jump from the ramp and through the window of the second floor, allowing quiet access to the interior. Most defenders will place their Proximity C4 either deeper into the strip, or at the doorway of the empty room under the second floor, so a repair gun will always come in handy. It is controversial, but legal to place the beacon in the second floor as it is relatively hard to access to new players, harder than the Hand of Nod


The Airstrip's high profile behavior makes it hard to mount a quiet tank build-up compared to GDI. However, the enemy will not know what kind of vehicle that drops from the plane until they see it themselves.

The Airstrip's size makes it hard to maintain security along the airstrip, even harder when the tower is far away from the airstrip building. However, common beacon placement is usually at the edge, or the tower. Always keep your eyes and ears open.

Keep the mines in the Control Tower either in the doors and doorway to the empty room, or far deeper in for easier defense. The corridor is not seamless like other buildings and only has one single door, so only one side needs to be covered. Ramps are least of your concern, but sometimes beacon will be placed on the top.


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