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RenX VehicleIcon Buggy.png
RenX Nod Buggy.png
Ground Vehicle
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Fast attack scout
Health 250 (Recruit)
275 (Veteran)
300 (Elite)
350 (Heroic)
Armor type Light
Seats 2
Cost $300
.50 Cal Machine Gun
Base Damage16
Kevlar Armorx0.85
Flak Armorx1.5
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx0.05
Light Armorx0.25
Aerial Armorx0.33
Projectile type Bullet rounds
Projectile speed 18000
Range 7000
Rate of fire 0.11
Internal name Rx_Vehicle_Buggy

The Buggy is the fast scout vehicle of the Brotherhood of Nod. It is the cheapest and weakest vehicle.


The Buggy is small, with red and black theme color of Nod vehicles and spikes on the front. It is equipped with a machine gun mounted on the back.


The Buggy is the fastest vehicle in the game and is usually used on early rush or recon unit. It's quite effective against infantries, mostly the AP type. The light armor however, makes it vulnerable. It also has the lowest vehicle HP in the game. It can shoot 100 bullets before having to reload.



The Buggy is usually used in the early game, and can sometimes be used as a fast transport or infantry killer.

Your vehicle is very vulnerable to most attacks. A Sniper Rifle or Ramjet Rifle shots can most likely damage you considerably. Rockets and Missiles are painful, and tank shells are even more so. A Timed C4 is all that it takes to destroy you. You are also not recommended to shoot your gun to the tanks or buildings as you will do little to no damage against them.

If you are good enough, you can even rush through the Advanced Guard Tower's door. This is better if you have several friends to back you up or soak up the damages.


This vehicle has potental to be an annoyance due to speed and ability to mow down vehicle either by ramming or hitting you with machine gun. You can attempt to outmaneuver the Buggy, and place C4 while he stops. Usually you will be mowed down easily, but if you're clever, you can destroy the Buggy and live to tell the tale. Volt Automatic Rifle and Tactical Rifle can also destroy Buggies rather quick, and sniper shots can considerably damage the vehicle

In vehicle fight, GDI vehicles usually outdamages the Buggy, so what you will need to worry about is the passengers of the Buggy. It is always a nasty surprise if you manage to destroy the Buggy and what comes after is a pair of Mendoza or Raveshaw. In such case though, you can try killing them quickly before they can unleash their weapons against your own tank. Also be careful for buggies that is driven by Technicians.

Buggies are commonly used to as transport to capture the Silo. If there's no driver around, you can attempt to snatch it away. It will not worth much, but it's one extra vehicle for your team.


  • Some players race each other with Buggies and they usually do this whenever they are either bored or when the server is empty.
  • Before Remote C4 is self-limited to 4, a common exploit is planting C4s in the Buggy's front and drive it to a Mammoth Tank and detonating the explosives. This can range from seriously damaging the tank or outright destroying the tank instantly. Some servers do not allow this kind of exploit.


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