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Carlos Mendoza
Wiki nod mendoza.jpg
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Anti-everything Infantry
Health 100
Armor 225 (Recruit)
275 (Veteran)
325 (Elite)
375 (Heroic)
Armor type Kevlar
Speed 110
Cost $1000
Requires Hand of Nod
Primary weapon Tiberium Automatic Rifle
Sidearm Heavy Pistol
Explosives Timed C4 x1
Jargon Doza

Mendoza is a all-around and universal unit of the Brotherhood of Nod, able to deal with infantry, vehicles, and buildings.


Mendoza wears military boots and trousers, along with a tactical vest having two Nod logos on each sleeve, and a beret. He has brown hair and an extensive beard.


Mendoza is armed with a special Tiberium Automatic Rifle, which fires shards of blue Tiberium with normal fire or lobs concentrated Tiberium slugs that travel in an arc motion and splash upon contact with alternate fire. The normal fire is more suited against infantry, whereas the alternate fire is more suited against vehicles, buildings, and Master Control Terminals.



Mendoza is able to fight infantry well by firing shards at them. While splashing around with secondary fire will yield more chances to hit an enemy, a skilled Mendoza will aim at the opponent's heads with primary fire to inflict the most damage and probably kill them before they can retaliate.

Mendoza can provide support for vehicle fights, by using his alternate fire. It is advisable to fire at them from high ground, taking advantage of the arc trajectory of the slug. Firing against them from nearby will probably expose Mendoza to enemy tank fire, and Kevlar armor will not help in reducing explosions' damage.

A Mendoza Rush can destroy a building through splashing it repeatedly with slugs or sacrifice one member against the Proximity C4 at the doors to let the others enter and splash the Master Control Terminal with Tiberium.


Mendoza can prove to be annoying against infantry due to his high damage per-shot. Still, his damage per second is not that great compared to other infantry units and his clip is average sized, especially compared to Patch's and Mobius', who can tackle him and possibly win. A good counter is to engage Mendoza at medium to long range as his wide projectile spread will allow a lot of his shots to miss. Other counters are sniper infantry such as Havoc, Deadeye or Sydney, who work well, since they are able to kill Mendoza with one headshot. Lastly, ambushing him with Shotgunner or McFarland will also be effective.

For vehicles, Mendoza is usually seen to be an annoyance rather than a threat, especially compared to Laser Chaingunners. He will usually lob Tiberium slugs from high ground; drivers can lay suppressing fire to coerce him to jump back to cover or act as a distraction, letting teammates deal with him instead.

Orcas can fly higher to avoid Mendoza's alternate fire, since his slugs follow an arc trajectory.

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