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Ignatio Mobius
Wiki gdi mobius.jpg
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Role Anti-everything infantry
Health 100
  • 250 (Recruit)
  • 300 (Veteran)
  • 350 (Elite)
  • 400 (Heroic)
Armor type Kevlar
Speed 100
Cost $1000
Requires Barracks
Primary weapon Volt Automatic Rifle
Sidearm Heavy Pistol
Explosives Timed C4 x1
Internal name Rx_FamilyInfo_GDI_Mobius
Jargon Mob, Mobi

Mobius is an all-around and universal unit of the Global Defense Initiative, able to deal with any opposition in his path.


Mobius wears shoes, trousers, a lab coat with a shirt under it, and a tie. He has white hair and a small ponytail.


Mobius' main weapon is the Volt Automatic Rifle, which arguably has the highest damage per second and rate of fire among all the weapons, with the only drawback being short ranged; but as long he is in range, no Infantry or Vehicles can sustain long against his relentless fire. While he can do reasonable damage to Buildings too, he is deadly against Master Control Terminals.

Mobius has an alternate fire for his primary weapon where he charges up and shoots a surge of electricity forward. The surge bolt has higher range, travels fairly fast, and deals more damage depending on how many rounds are used to charge it up.



Mobius, if skillfully employed, is a power to be reckoned with. He is best suited to fight in small infantry paths due to his short range, by ambushing his opponents from behind cover. It is best to aim at the opponent's heads to maximize the damage potential.

Mobius can provide support for vehicle fights; his damage potential will make short work of any vehicle, be it light or heavy armor. The only drawback is that he has to close in towards the vehicle, which will probably expose him to enemy tank fire, and Kevlar armor will not help in reducing explosions' damage.

Should the situation call for it, a Mobius can employ his alternate fire to hit slow-moving vehicles or fire towards enemy infantry path entrances from afar. Note that his alternate fire is quite slow and may not prove effective due to the need of charging the projectile and an average projectile speed.

Mobius is also a good choice in spotting Stealth Black Hands. since he will do extra damage to Lazarus armor and the opponent will be struck with electrocution status that will hamper with his stealth abilities for the duration of the status.

A Mobius Rush can destroy a building through sheer force of his fire or sacrifice one member against the Proximity C4 at the doors to let the others enter and shred the Master Control Terminal in no time.


For infantry, Mobius is extremely dangerous should he ambush them. His damage per second means that a skilled Mobius will kill about any rapid-firing Nod unit in a 1v1 duel; if the two players share about the same skill expertise, Mobius will prove to be stronger than its Nod counterpart, Mendoza. Therefore, sniper infantry such as Sakura, Black Hand Sniper or Raveshaw, are best counters against Mobius since they are able to kill him with one headshot.

For vehicles, ramming him or using the vehicle's main weapon are viable options, since Mobius can only attack vehicles from a short distance. He will take especially a lot of damage from Flame Tanks and Mobile Artilleries in close range. If the vehicle is fast enough, the driver can also fall back a bit to avoid his fire or to get away from it.


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