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Soldier suffering from Tiberium Poisoning

Status effects is a type of persistent damage bypassing armor and directly affecting health, usually taking 2hp/ cycle(1second).

Status effects

  • Tiberium Poisoning: inflicted upon contact with raw Tiberium, be it by stepping into Tiberium field or being hit by Chemical Trooper or Mendoza primary weapon. Damage is inflicted in 13 cycles each taking 2 hp.
    • Chemical Trooper, Armoured Sydney, and Mutant Raveshaw are immune to this status effect, thus they can safely walk over Tiberium Fields, and cannot be damaged by the Chemical Thrower or other Tiberium-based weapons.
    • Tiberium Field also inflicts additional 5 hp damage each 2 cycles as long as player is standing within it's boundaries.
  • Burning: Inflicted after being hit by McFarland, Patch, basically any explosion-type damage, including stepping into mines. It perpetually takes 2hp in 8 cycles.
  • Electrocution: Status inflicted by Mobius, Sydney and possibly other primary weapons with electric element. Damage is inflicted in 5 cycles each taking 7 hp.

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