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Skirmish mode in Renegade X is a singleplayer and offline mode allowing the player to fight in the battlefield with and against AI-controlled players, or bots. From the menu, one can pick the desired level and game mode, and tweak with the settings such as the number and skill level of bots, the starting amount of credits, the maximum amount of vehicles and Proximity C4, the duration of the match, and which faction the player wants to side with.

Skirmish matches can be played to acquire knowledge of the map beforehand, practice aiming or sneaking in, when internet is not available, or just to mess around.

Cheat console commands are allowed in skirmish, albeit employing them will disable the player from joining online matches, requiring them to restart the game in order to do join a multi-player game.

Skirmish is one of Renegade X's single-player game modes; the other single-player game mode is a short campaign released before Renegade X's advent, called Black Dawn.


  • It is best to add bots via voting or console since manually selecting the amount of bots in the skirmish settings window will usually lead to long loading times before entering in the match.

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