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Bots in matches of Renegade X are AI-controlled players that can be employed to fill out vacant slots, to balance the teams, or just for entertainment.


Bots are easily recognized by the [B] prefix in their nicknames. Bots feature seven skill levels to choose from; even so, decent human players will always be more capable compared to bots.

Bots are able to purchase infantry and vehicles, and they move on path nodes preset by the map creator; also, they will spot any player in their line of sight, even if they are not physically looking at the player, making infiltration and sniping somewhat troublesome. Note that bots will not disarm any kind of C4 or Superweapon Beacon, not repair the Master Control Terminal, instead repairing the exterior of a building, and not capture any Tech Buildings.

Players are able to operate any vehicle driven by a bot by pressing the number key 1, which will forcefully switch seats in the vehicle; this is only possible on vehicles that allow passengers. In addition, in Skirmish mode, players may order allied bots to follow them by selecting them and pressing spot (Q by default), pressing the spotting key once again will order the bot to stop following the player.

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