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Mutators allow for 3rd-party modifications to Renegade X without modifying the game code itself. Mutators can change the behavior of the game by, for example, enabling infinite ammo or adding features such as sudden death.

Loading Mutators

When starting your Renegade-X server from the Command Line, you merely need to set the "mutator" option to the name of the mutator. For example, if you wanted to load the InfiniteAmmo and SuddenDeath from RenX_ExampleMutators, you might use the following to start your server:

start Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe server CNC-Field?mutator=RenX_ExampleMutators.InfiniteAmmo,RenX_ExampleMutators.SuddenDeath

Mutators on servers

Most mutators must be located on both the client and the server in order to function. If a mutator is not located on a client, the client will download the mutator from the server before it finishes connecting to the server (unless the server is explicitly configured not to, in which case, the player can't join). Files transferred this way will be stored in the client's "UDKGame\Cache" directory as the GUID of the mutator with the .UXX file extension, and the name of the mutator is stored in "UDKGame\Cache\Cache.ini". Clients download the package that has the mutator class in it, which is the ModName.u file. If your mutator needs assets as well as code, you can use the mergepackage udk commandlet to merge the asset package(upk) into the code(.u) package.

Example Mutators

Several mutators are included with Renegade-X itself, in an effort to ease the learning process of making mutators for players. The following Mutators are included in the RenX_ExampleMutators package:

Name Notes
InfiniteAmmo Gives players infinite ammo for all non-explosive weapons.
SuddenDeath Disables base defenses after a predetermined configurable amount of time.
Rx_Mutator_GiveSniper Gives a Sniper Rifle to all players when they spawn.
Rx_Mutator_SBHSniper Changes the Stealth Black Hand's loadout to include a Sniper Rifle.

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