Stealth Black Hand

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Stealth Black Hand
Wiki nod sbh.jpg
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Anti-everything, active camouflage infantry
Health 100
  • 150 (Recruit)
  • 175 (Veteran)
  • 200 (Elite)
  • 225 (Heroic)
Armor type Lazarus
Speed 110
Cost $400
Requires Hand of Nod
Primary weapon Laser Rifle
Sidearm Silenced Machine Pistol
Explosives Timed C4 x1
Internal name Rx_FamilyInfo_Nod_StealthBlackHand
Jargon SBH

The Stealth Black Hand is a specialized infantry unit of the Brotherhood of Nod. It is the only unit capable of remaining partially invisible to the enemy.


When not invisible, the Stealth Black Hand is clad in slim, full bodysuit in colors of Brotherhood of Nod. When cloaking is active it changes color to cube patterned transparent blue. The cloaked form is visible to enemy from roughly 10 meters, although this distance decreases the slower the Stealth Black Hand moves.


Stealth Black Hand are special infantry that are invisible to the enemy unless they are close. They are mainly employed for surprise rushes, laying nukes and sabotaging/stealing enemy vehicles, although the moderate damage and good range of Laser Rifle also makes it possible to tackle on light armored Vehicles. Note that the Stealth Black Hand loses his cloaking capability when it has less than 50 health left total.



Stealth Black Hand can be employed as a support role in assassinating enemy infantries, from Hotwires that are repairing enemy Vehicles or that are currently sneaking into the base, to sniper infantry such as Deadeye, Sydney, and Havoc, who are possibly hampering the advance of allied forces by sniping allied Technicians.

It is advised to employ the Silenced Machine Pistol first, as the rounds shot make no sound and the sniper needs to ascertain the position of the enemy while the Stealth Black Hand damages them, and then finish the victim off with Laser Rifle after emptying a clip of the side weapon. It should be noted that Stealth Black Hand have the weakest armor type in game, which also receives bonus damage from Mobius's Volt Automatic Rifle; in addition, the Stealth Black Hand has small clips in his weapons, so he will be unable to quickly kill more than one infantry at a time without spending time reloading, so choosing a place and an opponent for ambush is highly advised.

Stealth Black Hand may also attempt to snatch unmanned enemy vehicles. Usually, new players will get out of their vehicles in the field to quickly repair the vehicle; presenting a chance for the vehicle to be stolen by the Stealth Black Hand. While every infantry is able to steal vehicles, Stealth Black Hands have the advantage of being invisible, and when the driver sees them, it is usually too late for them to retake their own vehicle.

Still, some cunning players may rig their own vehicle with Remote C4, detonating them when their vehicle is stolen. If it is a Hover Mobile Rocket Launcher System or an aerial vehicle, the Stealth Black Hand may try to quickly strafe and ram the former pilot before they can detonate the explosive, as they are most likely repairing their vehicles from the side. Other vehicles will probably blow up upon being stolen; nevertheless, it is still a win-lose situation, as the Stealth Black Hand gains 10 Veterancy points from stealing and the driver has lost a vehicle and possibly the credits spent for it.

Stealth Black Hand may also jeopardize enemy vehicle forces, by lobbing Timed C4 on any vehicle from the sides. Preferable targets would be vehicles with less than 400 hp at the moment of planting, since the explosion will destroy the vehicle if the C4 is left unattended.

Lastly, Stealth Black Hands may easily get in position to place a Superweapon Beacon before allied forces roll in. Due to his invisibility, he can easily get in the designated spot, without much hassle most of the times, especially if there are no automated defenses or patrols. Still, it is ill advised to go place a beacon completely by oneself in crowded matches, as they will end up being disarmed and a lone Stealth Black Hand will hardly be able to cover it. There are some exceptions to such: for example planting in the docking bay of the Tiberium Refinery while the Harvester is docking and physically blocking the beacon may be just enough time for the beacon to set off.

Along with other infantry, Stealth Black Hands can rush and work together to deliver a crippling blow to their enemy: for example, three Stealth Black Hands armed with Repair Tools perform the same task as an infiltrating Advanced Engineer does, with the added bonuses of invisibility and higher firepower should they need to defend themselves. The Repair Tools will disarm enemy Proximity C4 and three Timed C4 on the Master Control Terminal will take out a building. The Laser Rifle may be employed in case one Stealth Black Hand is missing or the building is being repaired.

Sometimes it is best to tackle on a building from outside, by throwing lots of Timed C4 on its walls. At least 12 Timed C4 need to successfully detonate to destroy a building from outside; however, when 12 players are not available, about 8 Stealth Black Hands can finish the building off with their primary weapon after they employed their Timed C4.

Lastly, if an allied Technician is infiltrating into the enemy base with a Stealth Tank, a Stealth Black Hand can drive the Stealth Tank when the Technician leaves the vehicle to sneak into their building of choice. Such will prevent the Stealth Tank being stolen by the enemy and not alert enemy patrols, as seeing a unmanned and not cloaked Stealth Tank behind the building will give away the presence of a Technician or infantry in the base. In addition, the Stealth Black Hand in the vehicle may finish the building that the sneaking Technician managed to cripple but not destroy due to him being spotted and gunned down.


Searching for a Stealth Black Hand that is inside the base is quite tedious, as they are invisible opponents that will also move away should they see someone coming to get them. Still, few infantries have an advantage over others in spotting them: Mobius, for example does extra damage against Stealth Black Hand, and his primary weapon will also electrocute them, damaging the Stealth Black Hand overtime for the next few seconds; thus disclosing his location. Usually, infantries with automatic weapons can spray their fire hoping to hit Stealth Black Hands.

Good results are also produced by McFarland and Patch, who, while lacking the quality of area coverage of Mobius due to lower rate of fire, match the speed of the Stealth Black Hand, being able to catch up on him. Their primary weapons also apply burn status effect upon impact, which, similar to electrocution, will help keep track of the Stealth Black Hand's whereabouts.

Even if the Stealth Black Hand will mostly stay hidden in low-traffic but open areas, it is still worthy to check the same spots where opponent Advanced Engineers would hide. Players may also get a Humvee and drive around, hoping to catch him by surprise and ram him if not disclosing his position by shooting around.

EMP Grenades, carried by Gunner and Sydney, are also a viable countermeasure to check suspected areas as the EMP disables the Stealth Black Hand's cloaking field within its area of effect; however should the Stealth Black Hand notice it, he will most likely move away from the designated area.


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