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Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Anti-personnel infantry
Health 100
  • 75 (Recruit)
  • 100 (Veteran)
  • 125 (Elite)
  • 150 (Heroic)
Armor type Kevlar
Speed 100
Cost $0
Primary weapon Marksman Rifle
Sidearm Pistol
Explosives Timed C4 x1
Internal name Rx_FamilyInfo_GDI_Marksman

The Marksman is the most basic sniper infantry of the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.



GDI Marksman wear military suits, along with armor plates covering the torso, kneepads, and a helmet paired with orange goggles. They carry several small bags and a radio communication device on the back.


Nod Marksman wear black colored military suits, along with a tactical vest covering both torso and legs, and a helmet paired with a gas mask with red googles. They carry a small bag and a radio communication device on the back.


The Marksman is a basic sniper class infantry. It doesn't cost anything to get the Marksman class. The class is equipped with an sniping Marksman Rifle that is able to dish heavy damage to most infantries, especially when aimed at their heads; however, a Marksman lacks the power to perform a headshot kill in one hit, and lacks the zooming range along with nightvision the higher sniper weaponry provide. Marksman will do no visible damage against vehicle and buildings. It's also equipped with a backup Silenced Pistol and a Timed C4 for armors and buildings destruction.



Marksman is a very weak form of sniper, requiring skill to play with. It is usually only used if the Barracks/Hand of Nod is destroyed, because Marksman is outperformed by the other sniper infantries in every field. Without proper sniping skills, a basic Soldier will defeat a Marksman quite easily.

A good Marksman may be able to pick off any opponent infantry with low health and finish them off. They can also be used as a cheap alternative to fight back snipers, killing them or if not, wounding them, possibly forcing them to retreat back to base and refill. Note that Marksman Rifles have firing recoil and do not have night vision compared to Sniper Rifles and Ramjet Rifles. It is most desirable to hit the sniper from where and when they do not expect to be hit.

The no-cost of Marksman also makes it a nice scout in the field versatile enough to spot any opposition for a fair distance, possibly giving intelligence of the enemy faction's current tactics/positions.


Marksman can only be problematic if they are in the hands of an expert player. An Inexperienced Marksman will usually perform worse than a Soldier. Generally, try to close into his position, moving randomly to avoid being sniped in the head. Even Engineers may be able to defeat Marksman with their side weapons from close proximity. You can kill him with generally any weapon you have. They should not be ignored, but they're on low priority unless they're carrying beacon/airstrike, close to the Master Control Terminal or are about to plant Timed C4 on vehicle.

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