Hand of Nod

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Hand of Nod
Hand of Nod.png
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Infantry production
Health 4800
Internal name Rx_Building_HandOfNod
Jargon HoN

The Hand of Nod is the infantry production building of the Brotherhood of Nod.


The Hand of Nod is a two-story building. Infantries can enter through the main entrance, the large ramp that leads to the door to the second floor, or the back entrance leading to the ground floor. It has a large sculpture of a hand grabbing a red globe on top of its' roof.

The interior consists of a set of straight corridors forming a rectangular shape on the ground floor and an open rectangular room on the second floor, with a pillar under the hand sculpture with a large screen on the top. The ground and second floor are connected with the ramp on the back side. There are 5 large breakable glass windows in the second floor, allowing infantries to jump outside faster.

There are 2 Purchase Terminal on each floor located on the front side, making it 4 in total. The Master Control Terminal is located on the pillar on the ground floor under the large screen.

Its' flying version added a pair of parallel ramps on left and right side starting from the back leading to the rooftops in a zig-zag manner. Sandbags are added on the roof and balcony in the middle of the ramps. On few maps, a SAM Site can also be found on the roof.


The Hand of Nod is the infantry production structure for the Brotherhood of Nod. It is tied to infantry acquisition, and if it is destroyed, Nod will lose the ability to purchase their most advanced infantry, while less advanced infantry such as Officer, Rocket Soldier, and Chemical Trooper require an increased credit cost.

The loss of the Hand of Nod, means no further Technicians can be obtained, reducing repair rates and limiting abilities to place Proximity C4.



The front entrance of the Hand of Nod usually offers faster access to the Master Control Terminal, but as the building mostly faces inwards, the back entrance offers a safer, more subtle way. The ground floor also offers more cover.

While shelling the building with tanks, it is advised to try attacking the interior of the building through the glass windows to kill the engineers inside trying to repair the Master Control Terminal. If you hit the glass itself, however, the building will suffer no damage. In most cases, the window would already be broken by passing infantries.

In flying maps, it is possible to jump through the windows using the ramps. It should be noted that the ramps might already be covered with Proximity C4, though new players might be unfamiliar by this entrance

After the building is destroyed, effort should be made to kill any remaining Technicians, and any advanced infantry in general. The Hand of Nod is also considered the most important of the two production structures, compared to the Airstrip. However, the loss of the Hand of Nod might motivate the Nod infantries to make an even more extensive use of vehicles.


In maps with Advanced Base Defense map, it's always suggested to be on the look out on the entrances that might be missed by the Obelisk or the turrets.

Always mine the ramps on Flying maps as GDI infantries can access the windows by jumping through the ramps. It is possible, but less practical to mine the windows involved. In most cases, you would be unable to place Proximity C4 on both ramps, so prioritize only the most vulnerable side.

As an engineer, it is advised for you to stay on the ground floor when repairing the Master Control Terminal, as the second floor is prone to be shelled by tanks. Be on the lookout for any infiltrators as you will have less movement space in the choke point


  • There's a glitch where you can walk on the air between the Master Control Terminal and the large screen on the top. It serves no purpose.
  • The glass on the Hand of Nod is client-sided, meaning that when the player reconnects to the game, the glass windows will start intact for the player.
  • The glass window cannot be blown up by tank shell and will do no damage to the building, it is more effective to break it with automatic weapons or by passing through it.
  • It is possible to drive a ground vehicle up to the balcony through the Flying version's ramps. It is not advised as most server will ban you for doing this and this will usually end up getting your vehicle stuck. It is however, NOT possible to drive vehicles through the window due to the vehicle blocker.

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