Destroyed Weapons Factory

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Destroyed Weapons Factory
Tech Building
Role Advanced vehicle production

A derilect Weapons Factory can be found along the outskirts of Crash Site; this building is a capturable Tech Building.


The Destroyed Weapons Factory looks akin to a destroyed Weapons Factory: red lights, cracks, several electric surges, and non-functional Purchase Terminals, with the exception of its sliding doors being blasted apart. The capturable Master Control Terminal is located in the same spot, on the central room of the building. On the pavement next to the hangar bay, the logo of "33 Industries" can be seen printed on the pavement.

Upon capture, two terminals will be functional again, and will display the icons of vehicles.


The Destroyed Weapons Factory allows the team to purchase either a Wolverine for 800 Credits, or a Titan for 1200 Credits, by pressing use (E by default) at the respective terminal. Since purchased vehicles will appear out of nowhere on the pavement and without lock protection, they are susceptible to being stolen by opponents hiding in the hangar; therefore, it is advised to check around the hangar area before purchasing a vehicle.

Only two Titans and two Wolverines can be present at once in the level; further attempts at purchasing in the Destroyed Weapons Factory while said walkers are still up will have no effect. Note that Titans and Wolverines obtained via Mystery Crate are exempt form the aforementioned limit.



Only Engineers and Advanced Engineers can capture the building. Repair Tools will not last enough to capture it in one magazine; they will need to be recharged once to do so. Note that when the Destroyed Weapons Factory is captured or neutralized, a message will be broadcasted to everyone, enemy team included, and thus the player capturing the factory must exercise caution as an opponent might come to get them.

It is advised to seek cover and keep moving when capturing the factory; for example capturing its MCT standing inside the central room is a viable spot.


The Destroyed Weapons Factory provides Tiberian Sun vehicles, which are usually superior to their Tiberian Dawn counterparts; therefore, it is advised to keep a stationary force around it to keep it well defended from enemy incursions. Tanking control of the factory will be paramount if the team lost their vehicle production building, as it allows the team to keep getting vehicles.

The inside of Destroyed Weapons Factory can be only reached by foot, but vehicles can defend the entrance and the surrounding areas.

Some players might lob some Remote C4s near the Destroyed Weapons Factory's MCT, and wait for an opponent to come in order to blow them. If there are unused mines, Proximity C4 can be placed near the doorways to protect the factory; still, enemy repair guns will be able to disarm the mines.