Obelisk of Light

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Obelisk of Light
NOD BU Obelisk.png
Faction Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod
Role Automated defense
Health 4800
Base Damage300
Kevlar Armorx1
Flak Armorx1
Lazarus Armorx1
Heavy Armorx1
Light Armorx1
Aerial Armorx1
Projectile type Energetic - Laser
Projectile speed 50000
Range 7000
Rate of fire 4 (2 when charged)
Clip size 1
Internal name Rx_Building_Obelisk
Jargon Obi, Obby

The Obelisk of Light is the advanced base defense of the Brotherhood of Nod.


The Obelisk of Light is shaped like a slightly curving tower that somewhat resembles a scorpion tail. It has a large crystal at the tip of the structure where it fires it's large laser. The Obelisk only has one entrance. The interior of this structure consists of a small square room with two Purchase Terminals on the side and a Master Control Terminal facing the door. On the ceiling is a large crystal presumably aiding the laser charging.


The Obelisk of Light is the advanced defense structure belonging to the Brotherhood of Nod, its counterpart is the Advanced Guard Tower. It will automatically attack nearby enemies by charging a large laser, and then discharging it within the next few seconds at any target still visible. If no target is found within a few seconds, the laser discharges quietly and must be recharged the next time it detects an enemy. Its damage applies equally through all armor types. It is disabled upon the destruction of itself or the Power Plant



While dishing more damage than the Advanced Guard Tower, it can only attack one enemy at once, be it infantry or vehicle. It is possible for an infantry to divert the Obelisk's attention and get shot instead, but the target of the Obelisk is hard to predict. It takes a long time to charge the obelisk, but once its charged, it can fire its laser faster than it charges. While infiltrating, coming out while Obelisk is charged is a bad idea even though you're not the one getting targeted the first time.

To check if the Obelisk is currently charged, always use the Third Person Camera and peek out from the corners. Always be aware of the sound of the Obelisk charges. If you hear a loud humming, start finding a cover or the Obelisk will instantly kill you (most advanced classes can take two hits before dying).

Power Plants are usually your target, and with quick sprinting and covers, you can avoid being killed by its laser. But the humming and charging will most likely alert the Nod infantries.

Do remember that unlike the lonely Advanced Guard Tower, Obelisk of Light will be backed up with separate automatic turrets that will not be disabled upon power-down or destruction of the Obelisk itself.


Always be aware of the sign of Obelisk targeting an enemy. Obelisk will only charge when an enemy is within its range. If there's no tank to be seen, its most likely that the GDI infantry has managed to slip in past your defenses. Check buildings near the tunnels and always keep an eye on the Proximity C4s.

Also remember that Obelisk of Light can only fire at one enemy at a time and will most likely fall against a large tank rush. It also has a minimum range so the tanks that park itself next to the Obelisk will not be targeted and need to be destroyed manually.


  • There's a bug where the Obelisk will look like it keeps on charging while the power is down. Not to worry, this is just a visual bug.
  • Unlike its RTS version, the Obelisk can shoot aircraft.
  • Obelisk once had a vastly longer range than Advanced Guard Tower. If you used a cheat to summon an aircraft in single player as GDI in Mesa II, you would be shot down by the Obelisk in GDI's base. This is greatly reduced from 11000 to 7000 in Patch 5.15.


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