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The following is a glossary of player terms where a list of common terms in online discussions and gameplay can be found:


AA - acronym for GDI Anti-Air Tower.

AGT - acronym for Advanced Guard Tower.

Air - abbreviation of Nod Airstrip.

Arty/Arties - abbreviation of Nod Mobile Artillery. A group of these units is humorously called a "party" as it rhymes well with the abbreviation.

AOW - acronym for All-Out War, a gamemode within .

AS - abbreviation of Airstrike, could also mean Advanced Sniper.


Bar/Barr - abbreviation of GDI Barracks.

BHS - acronym for Nod Black Hand Sniper

Bike - abbreviation of Nod Recon Bike

Bldg - abbreviation of Buildings.

Boink - refers to the default kill sound. Synonymous with the word "kill".

Buff - may refer to:

  • The offensive and defensive buff support powers that are only available to Commanders.
  • Slang for a game feature (e.g. weapons, vehicles) being made more powerful in a game update. The antonym is "nerf".

BtB/B2B - short for "base to base". This strategy involves attacking the enemy base from the safety of one's own friendly base; however, this is often frowned upon by players.


Chem - abbreviation of Nod Chemical Trooper.

Chin - abbreviation of Chinook Transport Helicopter.

Comms/Comms Center - abbreviation of Communications Center.

CP - abbreviation of Commander Points, used to power commander support powers.


DM - acronym for Deathmatch.

Doza - abbreviation of Nod Mendoza.

Dry Rush - A rush where the offensive or defensive commander support powers aren't used, generally to preserve Commander Points for another rush.


Engi/Engies - abbreviation of Engineer.

EMP - acronym for Electromagnetic Pulse. Usually refers to the grenade variety and rarely the support power variety and the tech building variety.


Field - refers to the main battlefield area where both sides engage in combat where vehicles can access.

Flamer/Ftank - abbreviation of the Nod Flame Tank. Flamer can uncommonly refer to the Nod Flame Trooper.

Flying Coffin - slang for Chinook Transport Helicopter.


Gren - abbreviation of GDI Grenadier.

GT - abbreviation of GDI Guard Tower.


Harv/Harvy - abbreviation of Harvester.

Hand/HON - abbreviation/acronym for Hand of Nod, respectively.

Hotty/Hotties - abbreviation of GDI Hotwire.


Inc - Short for "incoming". Used to inform teammates of a large, coordinated enemy attack (also called a rush).

Inf - abbreviation of infantry.

Inf Path - refers to the area in the map where only infantry can pass through and proceed from their own base to the enemy base.

Ion - abbreviation of GDI Ion Cannon Beacon.


Juggy/Juggie - abbreviation of GDI Juggernaut.


LCG - acronym for Nod Laser Chaingunner.

Ltank/Light - abbreviation of Nod Light Tank.


Mammy/Mam - abbreviation of GDI Mammoth Tank.

Mcfart - abbreviation of GDI McFarland.

MCT - acronym for Master Control Terminal.

Medtanks/Meds - abbreviation of GDI Medium Tank.

Mines - often refers to Proximity C4, and uncommonly Anti Tank Mines. Used to inform teammates that the number of Proximity Mines has decreased, which could mean an enemy has disarmed, or was killed by said mines.

Mob/Mobi - abbreviation of GDI Mobius.


Nerf - slang for a game feature (e.g. weapons, vehicles) being made less powerful in a game update. The antonym is "buff".

Nuke - abbreviation of Nod Nuclear Strike Beacon.

NvN - short for "Nod versus Nod", it refers to the Nod vs. Black Hand game mode.


Obi/Obby - abbreviation of Obelisk of Light.


Pad - abbreviation of Helipad

Ped - abbreviation of Pedestal, the circle with 3 lights inside the Barracks and Hand of Nod. A superweapon strike on the pedestal will destroy all buildings, instantly winning the game for the side that planted it.

PP - acronym for Power Plant.

PIC - acronym for Personal Ion Cannon.

Pickles - slang for the Chemical Trooper.

PT - acronym for Purchase Terminal.

PUG - acronym for pick-up game, a scheduled organized game where teams are chosen by captains and all participants are on Discord.


Ref - abbreviation of Tiberium Refinery.

Rep - short for needing repairs. Also refers to Engineers and Advanced Engineers.

RenX - abbreviation of Renegade X.

RF - acronym for Repair Facility

Rockets - refers to the Rocket Soldier.

Rush - refers to a large gathering of teammates (usually composed of the same infantry, vehicle or aircraft) that aims to target and destroy a specific structure by mobilizing and attacking at the same time as a group.


Sak - abbreviation of Nod Sakura.

SAM - acronym for Nod Surface-to-Air-Missile Site.

SBH - acronym for Stealth Black Hand.

Smoke - usually refers to Smoke Grenade but can also mean the Smoke Screen support power.

Stank - abbreviation of Stealth Tank.

Strip - abbreviation of Nod Airstrip, often this refers to the other end of the Airstrip relative to the building (commonly called "Air"), this may matter when communicating the locations of Ion Strike beacons.

Syd - abbreviation of GDI Sydney.


Tech/Techies - abbreviation of Nod Technician.

Tranny/Trannies - abbreviation of Chinook Transport Helicopter.


WF/Wep - acronym/abbreviation for GDI Weapons Factory, respectively.

Wolv - abbreviation of GDI Wolverine.