Power Plant

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Power Plant
Faction Global Defense Initiative Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod Brotherhood of Nod

Power production for

  • Automated defenses
  • Production cost reduction
Health 4800
Internal name Rx_Building_PowerPlant
Jargon PP

The Power Plant is the essential power production building for both the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.


The Power Plant is shaped roughly like a half circle with a large furnace at the center of the circle. It has two entrances on either side of the furnace, facing the same direction.

The interior consists of a large open room with the area under the furnace covered with unbreakable glass. The Master Control Terminal is located at the outer center of the room.

The flying version adds ramps that gives passage to the rooftops circling the furnace.


The Power Plant is the source of base power, for both the Global Defense Initiative, and the Brotherhood of Nod. It is essential for the Obelisk of Light or Advanced Guard Tower to function, and is also tied to production costs. If it is destroyed, the Advanced Base Defense structure will become permanently disabled, and production costs of advanced infantry and vehicles will increase 50%, which stacks when other structures that are destroyed would also raise costs. The regular defenses, such as Guard Towers, Turrets, SAM Sites, will continue to function after the destruction of a Power Plant.



In most cases of maps with Advanced Base Defense, Power Plant is the most vulnerable building to hit with infantry, positioned comfortably next to the entrance of the tunnel with entrances facing the back of the base. However, most defenders are aware of this vulnerability and will prioritize Proximity C4 on the entrances to the Power Plant.

The interior of the Power Plant is open for movements, so long firefight is to be expected should you be discovered. There will also be no cover or corner to hide in that will effectively keep the Master Control Terminal checked for any attempt to repair.

In Flying maps, it is a common strategy to place beacons at the end of the rooftops.

Destruction of Power Plant means that most aspect of the enemy team will be hampered, due to higher costs and powered down Advanced Base Defense. This will give a lot of advantage for your team to mount another attack


This building is very important in Advanced Base Defense maps as not only it will increase costs of your purchases but will also power down the Obelisk of Light or Advanced Guard Tower. Coupled with the vulnerability it poses, this is the top priority of your defense.

In non-defense maps, Mines should be placed on the door all the time. In case of defense breach, interior of the Power Plant is open for movement and gunfire so you might be able to maneuver around the shots and defuse any C4 explosives placed. This will be quite hard to do alone, so downing the enemy while you still have time would be more recommended.

In case of Flying version, if spare is available, consider placing more in the ramps. Ramp mines should be the least priority however, so as to not hamper other buildings' minings. However, it is common for infiltrator to place beacon at the rooftops, so caution is advised.


  • The Furnace of the Power Plant is highly destructive that players will die upon entering the volume. This also cause a bug where vehicles will randomly explode upon touching the furnace. Stay out of the furnace and avoid flying around the Power Plant.
  • In the SDK, the power plant furnace fan structure goes underground, some mappers will delete visibility of the Landscape on this structure.

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