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Buildings are what makes Renegade X differ from most other FPS games. Considering its roots from a Real-Time Strategy game, teams in Renegade X Command & Conquer have a group of buildings also known as base. And just like in most RTS games - victory will be attained by complete destruction of the opponent's main buildings. A balance between players attacking the opponent base and players defending the base will be necessary to succeed as a team.

There are plenty of ways to destroy a building: brute force with either infantry or vehicles can destroy buildings, but a coordinated attack such as an infantry rush or a synchronized volley of Artillery fire will be much more successful, especially if the opponents are not expecting it. Placing a Superweapon Beacon and protecting it until it transmit its coordinates will instantly destroy the building, without needing to go through its armor and health bars. Lastly, for those who like to play in a subtle way, they can infiltrate and sabotage a building from within with a Hotwire/Technician throwing their explosives at the Master Control Terminal.

List of Buildings

Main Buildings

Main Buildings will grant specific benefits for the team. They can be recognized by having two bars when selected, a health bar and an armor bar, and by their size, usually being bigger than the other buildings. Most of the main buildings have interiors, where Purchase Terminals, and the Master Control Terminal, basically the heart of the building, can be found on the walls. Most of the main buildings have at least one sliding door used to access the building; note that they will open up for everyone, no matter if it is ally or enemy; therefore, Proximity C4 is usually placed behind the doors to protect the building from infiltrators.

In certain levels, main buildings will have ramps leading to the roofs; they are present in levels that allow aerial vehicles, reason being to reach any opponent who flew to the roof and placed a Superweapon Beacon there. However, those kind of buildings may have more not so obvious entrances toward their insides, an example being jumping through the windows of the Hand of Nod on the ramps.

An EVA voice alert will play every time a main building is under attack or repaired, to warn the team. In addition, icons located at the bottom of the screen state the conditions of the main building: lightened up means that it is in good conditions, red icon means that it has lost all its armor and it is suffering permanent damage, and greyed out means that the building has been destroyed.

Destruction of a main building will deny the benefits towards the team which has lost it, ranging from not being able to purchase new Vehicles to their automated defenses going offline. Note that a "destroyed" building will just take the appearance of a worn out building, with some cracks and fires on its walls, while it is still possible to go inside it and employ its Purchase Terminals; utter annihilation of a building is not possible. An EVA alert will be broadcasted to every player when a building is destroyed, showing the player responsible for its destruction. If all the main buildings of a team are destroyed, they will lose the match.

Repair Guns will replenish the building's armor, considerably faster if they are hitting the Master Control Terminal, but damage towards the building's health is permanent and it cannot be repaired. The armor and health values may be checked from the scoreboard screen (Tab by default).

Each faction currently has up to 8 different main buildings. Both teams have a Power Plant, Tiberium Refinery, Repair Facility, Tiberium Silo, and Helipad. Each team has their own unique advanced base defense, vehicle production building and advanced infantry building.

Nod Main Buildings

GDI Main Buildings

Additional defenses

In some levels, each faction may also have smaller turrets that are meant to be a light defense against incoming assaults. These buildings do not possess interiors, thus they do not have any MCTs and are less resistant since they only possess health, instead of both armor and health that regular buildings have; although unlike the former, repair guns will be able to replenish the health of these defenses. Most importantly, they will still operate even with a destroyed Power Plant.

Nod Defenses
GDI Defenses
Internal Defenses


Those type of defenses differ from the ones aforementioned since they have to be manually operated by the player; they can be technically considered as stationary vehicles. They can be destroyed, repaired, and they will continue to function with a destroyed Power Plant.

List of Emplacements

Tech buildings

Buildings pertaining to this category are neutral at the beginning, but they can be captured by firing a repair gun at their MCTs. The faction whose captures the building will be able to receive benefits from it, such an example would be a small but steady bonus income in credits, as long they hold control of the buildings. These buildings cannot be destroyed in any way; throwing C4 or firing on the MCT of neutral buildings will not disable them.

Icons on the center bottom of the screen will show the tech buildings on the level; the icon's color (or side) reflects the team which is in possession of the building; yellow for GDI, and red for Nod.

List of Tech Bulidings

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